Loss of USB Partition is something that users worry about. Since users store most of their back up data and other important files in USB or flash drives. Therefore, missing USB Partition will lead to disasters. The users should know in and out about USB partition loss, for that users have to know each and everything related to USB Partition Recovery.


There are different situations that lead to USB Partition lose, here are few of the scenarios.

  • Virus Infecting the USB drive can affect the Partitions and becomes corrupted.
  • When the USB partition's file system gets corrupted, then the partition of the USB may get corrupted.
  • Unintentionally deleting important USB partitions, will lead to partition loss.
  • Due to improper use of Disk Utility, USB partition will get corrupted.
  • Due to improper ejection of USB flash drive from the system, such as abrupt ejection while transferring data will lead to partition table corruption, due to which USB flash drive partition might go missing or inaccessible.

Preventive Measures

Here is the expert advice from Remo software techies:

  • Never connect USB or flash drive to a virus infected system.
  • Maintain a backup for the USB Flash drives files, in cloud.
  • Remember to disconnect the flash drive from system using Safe Remove.
  • Always scan USB flash drive while connecting to system for detecting the virus and fix them.

How to Recover USB Partition

Connect the USB flash drive to a PC to recover the partition. Follow the method to recover partitions in Windows from USB flash drive.

Step 1- Download and run the Remo Partition Recover.

Step 2- Select Recover Drives, from the launch page.

Step 3- Remo partition recover will take the user to next page, choose Partition Recovery to recover the deleted, lost or corrupted partition from USB drive.

Step 4- Select the drive from where the user need to retrieve partition and click next button.

Step 5- When the scan is completed, the application will display a list of partitions.

Step 6- Select the partition that the user wants to recover and click on next button. After scanning, it will display all the file types.

Step 7- Select the files that the user wants to recover depending on the file type signature and click next. To recover the whole partition user can click on Skip too.

Step 8 - It will show all the files from the recovered USB partition. With the help of preview option, user can view the files.

Step 9 - Save the recovered files in any desired location. It always advised to save the recovered files in a different partition, so that it does not get damaged further.

Remo software and its's Details

  • Recovers partition from USB hard drives, memory cards, iPods, portable hard drives, internal drives etc.
  • The software has the ability to recover around 300 varieties of files such as excel sheets, PPT files, word files, email archive etc. from a USB flash drive.
  • New signatures can be added for files which are not listed.
  • The USB Partitions can be recovered on the basis of date, name, file type and size.
  • The Find option in the software helps searching a particular file from the recovered partition.
  • Partitions can be recovered from deleted or formatted RAID (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5).
  • The software supports Partition recovery from different files system such as ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32.
  • Open Recovery Session and Save Recovery Session options will help the user pause and resume the on- going process any time without the need of rescanning the drive.
  • Preview option in the software, helps the user to view recovered files.
  • Files that are restored can be compressed to ZIP folder to save the space in the drive.
  • The recovered partition can be saved on to a DVD/CD or to any drive.