The space without being used in a hard drive is referred to Unallocated Partition. Depending on the usage and need, a partition can be shrunk or expanded by the user. Once the repartitioning or re sizing is done, user might lose a partition which will turn into unallocated Partition. To recover this partition, the user need to use a recovery tool. Many people have used Remo Partition Recover application to restore data from Unallocated Partition, because it is effective and at the same time easy to handle.


Situations Leading to Unallocated Partition

There are many situations that can change a partition to unallocated partition. A user, will definitely get worried when he/she realises that files have gone missing. Let us see other reasons on how a partition changes to unallocated partition:

  • Deleting partitions unintentionally can be a main cause for unallocated partition.
  • Another worst scenario is when partition table gets corrupted or damaged because of malware attacks. This may lead to partition being invisible which will eventually lead to partition becoming unallocated partition.

Knowing the Software

The software, Remo Partition Recover is not only about recovering unallocated partition but also it provides information on how to recover unallocated partition from Windows. The other features of this software are stated below:

  • Scans the entire hard drive and finds the partitions from unallocated space, from which the user can restore their data.
  • The software supports recovery from unallocated partition file system such as NTFS, Fat 16, FAT 32, HFS, HFS+, HFSX.
  • Recovers files like audio, spreadsheets, raw pictures, documents, zip files, files, images, etc. from unallocated partitions.
  • Retrieves data from unallocated partitions which are inaccessible or hidden.
  • Recovers data from unallocated partition which were lost or deleted during repartitioning or resizing a hard drive.

More to all this, the software is equipped with smart scan and raw signature option, which helps in identifying and recover unallocated partition files just by a single search.

How to Recover Unallocated Partition

These are the steps to recover partition from Windows which is unallocated:

Step 1- Download and run Remo Partition Recover.

Step 2-Choose Recover Partition/ Drives from the launch pad.

Step 3-Since the user needs to restore files from unallocated partition, select Partition Recovery

Step 4- Choose the drive from which the user wants to recover the unallocated partition.

Step 5- Now select the partition from unallocated space, which has to be restored.

Step 6- The user can choose a specific file type for recovering or click on skip for complete unallocated partition recovery.

Step 7- The user can use Save Recovery Session option to save the recovery session from unallocated partition. This option can be used to resume the scanning session, which will not consume the time of the user.

Step 8- The software will scan thoroughly and restore all the files from unallocated partitions, which can be viewed in data view or file type view.

Step 9-Now the user can choose the files from the recovered unallocated partition and save it in a location of the user's preferred choice. The files can be compressed and saved in any storage device.

Professional Tips

Apart from knowing the scenarios, the user should also have the information regarding what should be done when the partition becomes unallocated otherwise the partition will be lost.

  • Never create a new partition or add new files when an unallocated partition has to be restored, which went missing or invisible.
  • Its advised to use the hard drive as external to recover the unallocated partition.
  • Do not perform any operations in that affected hard drive as this may lead to over writing of data.