“I had a transcend hard drive. The external hard drive had many of my important folders and back-up folders in it. Luckily the transcend external hard drive was partitioned for my needs. Now that I had less space on the external hard drive, I deleted one of the partition which didn’t contain many important files. To my bad luck, I deleted the partition which had very important files. I need help in recovering deleted Transcend HDD Partition.”

Transcend Hard drives are of good quality which is long lasting and trustable. The hard drive is designed in a portable format, which makes it handy and is also shock resistant. Unlike other external hard drives, Transcend HDD has a different operation i.e., the plug and play operation. Transcend HDD has an automatic backup button which just requires one touch. In spite of creating the external HDD in a user-friendly manner, at times users mess up the situation by losing the partition. So what can you do, when you delete or lose a Transcend HDD partition? Obviously, you will try to recover it by all means. You can use Remo Partition Recovery, to recover all your lost or deleted partition from Transcend HDD.


Apart from deleting the partition unknowingly, there are other situations too that can lead to partition loss. As a user, it is necessary that you learn about other situations, which leads to partition loss. Given below are the reasons that can lead to partition loss in your Transcend HDD:

  • Corruption in the file system will affect the partition in Transcend HDD, which will eventually lead to partition loss.
  • Infection due to virus or malware threats will make the Transcend HDD partition inaccessible.
  • When the partition table is corrupted due to logical errors, partitions in the Transcend HDD can end up being inaccessible.
  • Interrupting file transfers can have a negative effect on the hard drive.
  • External damage can corrupt the transcend hard drive partitions.
  • Mistakes during formatting or reformatting will definitely lead to partition loss from Transcend HDD.

Expert Advice

  • Always protect your Transcend HDD from Virus and Malware by using a trustable anti-virus.
  • Equip yourself with a back-up of the most important files.
  • Avoid external damages, handle hard disk with care.

If you have noticed a partition loss, do not use the Transcend Hard drive, until you have recovered the lost partition. This is to avoid overwriting.

Now that you know the reasons for partition loss and how you can avoid these situations. The next part is about how you can do the transcend HDD partition recovery process with the help of Remo Partition Recover.

Steps to restore Partition from Transcend HDD

Step 1 - Install the software Remo Partition Recover, which will help you recover the deleted Transcend HDD partition.

Step 2 - Select the option Recover Drives from the launch page.

Transcend Hard drive Partition Recovery 1

Step 3 - Click on the option Partition Recovery, it will lead you to the next page. Now choose Transcend HDD from which you want to recover the deleted partition.

Transcend Hard drive Partition Recovery 2

Step 4 - Select the Partition which needs to be retrieved and click the Next arrow key.

Transcend Hard drive Partition Recovery 3

Step 5 - Now each and every file type will be displayed. Check for the file type you want to recover if it is not available then click on Add File Type option (the option will be available on the top left corner of the software). You can also Skip this option if you want to recover the partition as a whole.

Transcend Hard drive Partition Recovery 4

Step 6 - The software provides two options to view the partitions, one is Data View Type or File Type View.

Transcend Hard drive Partition Recovery 5

Step 7 - The application will display all the partition that is found from Transcend HDD. Double click on the file to get the Preview option to check the files in Transcend Partitions.

Transcend Hard drive Partition Recovery 6

Step 8 - Store the retrieved Transcend HDD partition to the desired location as soon as you get the license key.

Transcend Hard drive Partition Recovery 7

Highlights of the application Remo Partition Recover

Remo Partition Recover is a software that has an ability to scan the entire drive and recover all the partitions that were lost irrespective of the file system. The file system supported by the software is FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT. The software is compatible in different Windows OS version such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista. The application can also restore partitions from other external hard drives, memory cards, USB and hard drives. The information when the partition is scanned can be saved using Save Recovery Session, this feature ensures that you need not rescan the drive which makes it less time-consuming. To make the recovery easier you can use the signature search option. This will help choose the exact file you wish to retrieve. The software can retrieve partition even when the hard drive is crashed. The feature which creates disk Image helps in bypassing the bad sectors so that partition can be recovered any time. The partition can be recovered by its size, file type, name and date. The software has a Smart Scan option which enables to scan the hard drive to recover more partitions.