We see users changing their storage devices in computer from hard drive to SSD due to its high efficiency. A partition loss in this high speed OS bootable device can cause trouble. But you need not worry as all the SSD partition can be recovered with ease.

Let's check the scenarios which leads to SSD partition data loss:

  • If you delete a SSD partition accidentally, you will lose the whole data which was stored on that partition.
  • In some situations, your SSD may get corrupted due to the infection of virus.
  • Improper partitioning or shrinking of partitions will lead to data loss scenarios.
  • When a power surge happens while you are working on your computer may make your SSD corrupted.
  • Corruption in SSD partition table will lead to data loss.

But now the recovery of SSD partitions is quite simple as we have Remo Partition Recovery to restore all your SSD partitions which was lost.



  • Remo Partition Recover has powerful algorithm to scan your SSD partitions deeply and can retrieve the removed partitions.
  • You can use Remo Partition Recover to recover the SSD partitions which was lost while re-installing your Windows operating system.
  • It supports different versions of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7, etc.
  • Remo Recover can get back your SSD partitions, which was deleted or corrupted due to improper partitioning.
  • It supports various SSD brands such as : Samsung, Seagate, SanDisk, Toshiba etc.
  • It can recover files from formatted, corrupted and deleted partitions from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 arrays.
  • It supports recovery of files from the SSD partitions having different formats like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5.
  • Remo Recover has the capability to identify the files including videos, images, audios, office documents, archives, etc. based on their unique signatures.
  • It can sort your recovered files from your SSD based on the file type, name, size, date, etc.
  • It can also recover partitions from hard drives, USB external drives, flash memory cards, FireWire drives, etc.
  • After bypassing the bad sectors, the software will create a disk image and the software will restore the partitions from this disk image.
  • Remo Recover will give a preview of files before restoring the files.

Method to recover SSD partition

  • Download and Install the Remo Recover utility.
  • Click on the Recover Drive icon.
  • Select Partition Recovery.
  • You can see the storage devices on the new window and select your SSD which you need to recover partition and select Next.
  • Remo Recover will start scanning your SSD and then it will show the partitions on the SSD which was found.
  • Choose the required partition from where you want to recover the files and click to next button.
  • You will be directed to a window to recover files based on file signatures, select the signatures and select to next button. Otherwise, click on the Skip button for recovering the whole files from the partition.
  • After searching, it will display the files which was found and you can choose the files to retrieve and click on next button.
  • It pops up an option Save recovery session to save the complete scanned partition. If not you can click on No and save the recovered files in a location where you want to save. After choosing the location, you can press next button to restore the files.

Expert Suggestion to avoid SSD data loss

  • Regular Back up - Taking regular backup of your important files regularly.
  • Multiple Storage Location - You should try to store backup of important files in multiple locations.
  • Do not rewrite - Do not use the usage of SSD before recovering files from it. If you use it again before recovering files, your files may get overwritten by new data and cannot be recovered.
  • Power backup - Use power backups like UPS to avoid the power surge scenarios.