Hard Disks are all about Space and Data. Like any other hard drives, Seagate hard drives are too designed to serve one purpose – storing the world’s content…
But endless Forums post and articles remind us about the difficulties and risk involved with them.
This is what one of our customer asked us when he faced an issue with his Seagate hard drive :
“When I plugged, my 2 tb Seagate hard drive into the PC, it prompted me to format and partition. Of course, I didn’t do that because it contained huge data. I went to local recovery store, they asked me $300 for getting me all data back.  But they clearly mentioned there is no guarantee…”
He wrote to Remo Software inquiring about a low cost alternative… And we told them to try Seagate partition recovery software by Remo Software. Let me Discuss about the solution in detail here..


Scenarios that lead to Partition Loss In Seagate

 A user doesn’t end up losing his data all of a sudden. There are many situations in which you cannot access your Seagate hard drive partitions. Here are few situations you might face while handling a Seagate hard disk :-

Virus Invasion- Your partitions may get seriously affected due to malwares or virus. This invasion will make it impossible for you to access the affected partition. These viruses can also corrupt the partition.
Third party tools: You needs to be very careful while using third party tools, especially for creating new partitions. While using these utilities, few third party tools will have a negative impact on the partitions. These can lead to major partition loss.
Accidentally Deleting/ Formatting - This happens when you are trying to delete an unwanted partition and may end up deleting or formatting a wrong partition.
Errors due to Conversion: It is necessary that you shouldn’t interrupt while file system conversion process is going on, it can make your partition corrupted.
Sudden shutdown: abrupt shutdown of the computer can cause damage to the partitions which leads to inaccessibility of the partitions.
Hard drive damage: Physical damages in the hard drive will lead to partition loss at times. Bad sectors are one of such example where the file written on that particular sector might not be accessible.

Characteristics of Remo Partition Recover - Windows

Remo Partition Recover Software will help you retrieve partitions from your Seagate HDD. This tool is compatible in all versions Windows such as windows 7, windows 8, windows 10. The software helps recover reformatted partition, deleted partitions and corrupt partitions from your Seagate hard disk.

  • The Recovery tool has a built-in with partition search algorithms, which performs deep scan. After the scan, the software will list all partitions that was created in the hard drive.
  • It also supports partition recovery in other hard drives like: Toshiba, HP, Transcend, Sony, Lenovo, Dell etc.
  • This utility will help you to recover partition of different file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, HFSX.
  • The software helps to restore partitions from crashed or corrupted Seagate hard drives which doesn’t even boot.
  • The tool enables data recovery, from Seagate hard disk which have bad sectors by creating disk images of it.
  • The software comes in a free demo version; you can check the accuracy of the recovery process.
  • It is a safe and secure way, free from virus and malware.

Method to Recover Seagate Partition

Methods for downloading and using Remo Partition Recover

Step 1: Download the demo version of the software.

Step 2: After the software gets installed, the launching page will appear on the screen and click on Recover Drives.

seagate partition recovery1


Step 3: Select Partition Recovery option to recover the partitions for your hard disk.

seagate partition recovery2


Step 4: Once you go to the next page, choose the disk from which you want to recover the partition and click next.

seagate partition recovery3

Step 5: Now it will start scanning the whole disk, for different partitions.

seagate partition recovery4

Step 6: Select the damaged partition, from which you want to recover files.

seagate partition recovery5

Step 7: You can either retrieve that data based on the file type by selecting the file type or just click on skip button to scan the whole partition.

seagate partition recovery6

Step 8: By the end of the scan, it will list all the files from your partition. To recover the necessary data, you can purchase the software and save all the files.

seagate partition recovery7

Expert Tips

  • We have to make sure your Seagate hard drives are safe from virus/malwares. It is necessary to use an anti-virus.
  • You need to analyse if the third party applications installed are safe enough to use.
  • Double check before deleting any partition.
  • Do not overwrite after deleting or formatting a seagate hard drive. Once it is overwritten you won’t be able to recover the files.
  • The power supply to your device needs to be constant to avoid corruption of partitions, hence use UPS

Our customer recovered all his data from his 2TB Seagate hard drive using Remo Partition Recover with ease. Try the steps mentioned above and you will see the result.