Did you just loose a partition from your SCSI hard drive? You have lost your important data from SCSI partition and you are panicking. Now that you have landed on the right page, where A to Z information about SCSI partition recovery, how the partition became inaccessible, damaged, lost or even formatted, expert advice on ways to keep your SCSI partition safe.

SCSI hard drives are one amongst the most commonly used hard drives and tape drives. In spite of the name it holds, hard drives face these issues due to many reasons. Below given are the reasons that affect your SCSI partition:

  • Errors in the registry file.
  • When you format or reformat a partition accidentally.
  • Severe attacks by malware or virus.
  • If the information of the hard disk is lost.
  • When the MBR is corrupted, the partitions will turn out to be inaccessible.
  • Terminating any on-going process also will affect the partition.
  • Converting a file system frequently can damage the partition.

Features of Remo Partition Recover

Remo Partition Recover is a software that will help you recover your SCSI partition with ease even if you are a person with less knowledge about software or technology. The software is compatible in the different version of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server. Few other features of Remo Partition Recover are mentioned below:

  • The software recovers partition quickly and safely from SCSI hard disk.
  • Recovers partitions from SCSI hard disk which is of the file format NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16.
  • You can save the recovery session once the SCSI hard disk is scanned. This saved recovery session can be opened later on, therefore you need not rescan the hard disk. This ensures that the software is less time-consuming.
  • You can restore around more than 300 files from SCSI partition using this software.
  • The software can categorize restored SCSI partitions, on the basis of file size, file type, name and file created date.
  • There is a Find Option in the software, which makes the search easy after scanning the SCSI hard drive.
  • You can also view the recovered files using Preview option, this will help you verify the results.

Steps to Recover SCSI Partition

Remo Partition Recover software helps you recover the partitions from SCSI hard disk. The basic steps are:

Step 1 - Download the software, Remo Partition Recover and run it.

Step 2 - Select Recover Drives from the launching page.

scsi partition recovery 1

Step 3 - Click on the Partition Recovery. On the next window, you can choose the SCSI disk from which you want to recover your partition.

scsi partition recovery 2

Step 4 - Once you find the partition that needs to be restored, select it, then you can click on the Next arrow sign.

scsi partition recovery 3

Step 5 - The application will display each and every file types. If the file type you want to recover is not available, you can click on the Add File Type button, which will be available on top left side corner of the application. If you want to restore the partition completely, please use the skip button.

scsi partition recovery 4

Step 6 - You can use the Data View Type or File Type View in order to view the partitions.

scsi partition recovery 5

Step 7 - The software will display the found partitions before you save it use the Preview option by double clicking the file to verify the recovered SCSI partitions.

scsi partition recovery 6

Step 8 - Now you can save the restored SCSI partition soon after you get the license key online.

scsi partition recovery 7

Expert Advice

  • Keep a back-up of your necessary files and data.
  • If your SCSI hard drive gets corrupted, then do not use it until you have recovered the lost partition.
  • Never use any software that is not reliable or trustworthy.
  • Use UPS, to avoid power fluctuations.