The moment you end up loosing your Samsung hard drive partition, you begin by googling the words Samsung hard drive partition recovery? Now that you have landed on the page where you will be provided information about how your Samsung Hard drive partition got affected, expert advices on how you can keep your Samsung hdd Partition protected and the most important question how you can recover your Samsung HDD partition.

Well let us make it clear that no matter which ever situation you are in, Remo Partition Recover will help you in recovering you Samsung Hard drive partition.


There are many reasons that could affect the Samsung hard drive partitions. Below given are the following reasons:

  • Deletion of Partition - Deleting a partition unintentionally or by mistake will lead to removal of the partition and its content from your Samsung hard drive.
  • Corruption of the file system - Corruption due to virus or malware infection will definitely effect the partitions in Samsung hard drive. This will lead to inaccessibility of the file system.
  • Accidental formatting - Accidentally formatting Samsung hard drive partition can lead to complete wipe out of data from your partition.

The above said are common scenarios, you would face while using an external HDD. These are common to happen, no matter about how safe the Samsung hard disk is. All you can do is be extra cautious while connecting it to a PC.

Features of Remo Partition Recover

Inspite of the simple user interface, the software is built in a such a way that it does deep scan to recover Samsung HDD partitions. The software is compatible in most of the Windows Versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

  • The software can restore partitions from Samsung HDD which was lost, deleted or damaged.
  • The software can recover Samsung hard drive partitions even if it had been affected with bad sectors.
  • Remo Partition Recover can restore hard disk partitions of Samsung which are of different file systems like NTFS, FAR32, FAT16 etc.
  • The software is trustable, it is free from malware and virus.
  • Supports restoring of partitions from Samsung hard drives that will not boot or has problem in mounting.
  • You can add new file type signatures, even if it is not mentioned in the list.
  • The tool has a Preview option, which will help you view and verify the recovered files.

How to Recover Samsung Hard Drive Partition

Step 1 - Connect your Samsung hard drive to the system by using a data cable. Download the software Remo Partition Recover and run it.

Step 2 -Launch the application, select Recover Partition/Drives.

Step 3 - Choose Partition Recovery from the next page.

Step 4 - Select the Samsung hard disk from the list of drives given and click on next button.

Step 5 - Now select the required partition and click on next.

Step 6 - You can either recover files based on their file type. Select the file type and click on next arrow key. If you wish to recover complete partition, then click on Skip button.

Step 7 - After scanning, the recovered partition files can be viewed in Data View or File Type View.

Step 8 - Now you can use the Preview option, to check the recovered Samsung hard disk partition.

Step 9 - Once you are satisfied with the result, get the license key of the software and save the restored Samsung hdd partition.

Expert Advice

These are some expert advice, to protect your Samsung hard drive:

  • Protect your Samsung hard disk from virus and malwares using trustable anti-virus tool.
  • Do not interrupt any transfer of files.
  • Use the eject option, while dismounting the Samsung HDD.