"I have stored the backup of important files on my external hard disk. Now for restoring some files from the external hard disk, I connected external hard drive to my computer but it was not opening on my computer. While checking on the disk manager it showed the partition is uninitialized. I don’t have any backup of those files. Is there any solution to recover partition from the uninitialized drive?"

Uninitialized drive error is one of the common hard disk error, which you might face at least once. When this error occurs, you need to initialize the partition for further use. If you initialize it, you will lose the whole data in the partition. For initializing the partition, open the disk manager then right click on the uninitialized partition and choose the Initialize disk option. The data loss will definitely get you frustrated, but you can recover partition from the uninitialized drive using Remo Partition Recover tools.


How Remo Partition Recover can help you to Restore Partition from Uninitialized Drive

Remo Partition Recover is the powerful software, which can scan your hard drive deeply and recover the partition even if it is uninitialized, corrupted, deleted, formatted, etc with few simple steps. The simple user interface of Remo Partition Recover tool will help you for recovering partition from the uninitialized drive with less time. It can recover partitions from the USB external drives, flash memory cards, hard drives, FireWire Drives, etc. You can recover the partitions from the uninitialized drives, which has FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT file systems. The save recovery session feature of Remo Partition Recover will help you to store the scanned information and resume the recovering process any time you want.

Reasons for uninitialized drives

The main reasons for the uninitialized drive error are below. It will help you to avoid such situations in future

  • File System Corruption – If the file system of partition is corrupted, it will make your partition uninitialized.
  • Virus or Malware – When malware or virus has infected your computer, it will make the partitions uninitialized and you will not be able to access the partitions.
  • Bad Sectors – Bad sector is very a common thing, which can affect your hard drive and it may make your partitions inaccessible.
  • MBR Corruption – In your hard disk, there will be a first sector where the partition table and MBR code will be written. If it becomes corrupted, it will make the operating system unable to read the partition.

How to Recover Partition from uninitialized drive

To get access to uninitialized partition you have to initialized the partition. In order to know more about how to restore the partition from the uninitialized drive, please download and install Remo Partition Recover utility on your computer. Now open the application and follow the steps given below:

Step 1 - Select the Recover Drives option and choose the Formatted / Reformatted Recovery.

Step 2 - Select the drive from where you need to restore the partition and click on the next.

Step 3 - Once the scanning process is over, it will display the partitions which are found. Choose the partition and click on the next icon to proceed.

Step 4 - You can restore the files based on the file types, select that option if you are interested in restoring it. Otherwise, please click on skip button.

Step 5 - Double click on the files to get the preview. Choose the files to restore and click on the next icon to proceed. Now the application will show a pop-up message to Save Recovery Session. Click on Yes and choose the location to store it. Otherwise, select the No button to proceed.

Step 6 - Enter your license key to save the files. If you have already registered your product, choose the location to store and click on next icon to save it.