Many people who are not well versed in the technical side often get confused with the terms recovery partition and partition recovery. Partition Recovery is nothing but restoring a partition that was missing, damaged or even deleted. Whereas understanding what is recovery partition requires a little patience.

Recovery Partition is a part of your hard drive that has been maintained aside by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) which will hold an image of the Operating System that was shipped from the factory. Users can use a shortcut key to start the recovery partition process. Each brand has a different key to start the recovery partition. No matter which brand it is, once the recovery partition has started the system will return to the state it was when the user had purchased it. Recovery Partition is considered as the last resort when the user has OS issues. Many computers like Dell, Asus, Acer, HP, Compaq, IBM and other few computers use this part of memory to keep the recovery partition in order to recover the computer again back to its factory settings. Conducting a re-installation using Recovery Partition will wipe off the entire data, files, and programs from your system.

When does a user attempt re-installation with the help of recovery partition?

Re-installation with the help of recovery Partition is done when the user faces situation like virus attack which affects the OS, file system corruption, errors due to Blue screen of Death, corruption in the registry which leads to OS crash and corruption in partition table that will affect the working of the user’s system. Recovery Partition is used to re-install when these kind of unexpected situation rise.

How to do re-installation using Recovery Partition?

How does a user conduct re-installation using Recovery Partition? It can be done through accessing the pre-installed Windows Application or by tapping/ pressing a specific key or key combination when the computer boots up. The key and key combination differs according to the brand, model and OS. This is just like reinstalling the system.

Advantages of Recovery Partition

It is an advantage to have recovery partition in our own system. As a user, you need not depend on other people for a factory reset. More to it, the user need not give the system to any of the repair shops, there are chances that the user can be fooled by getting a cracked version operating system installed. Having a Recovery Partition will cut down the expense for a user as the user need not purchase even if the OS gets crashed. Once the re-installation through recovery partition is completed, the system will have a new factory configuration, which will be the default configuration, in spite of how the system was affected.

Expert Advice

Even though re-installation by recovery partition has many advantages, as a user you need to be careful while conducting this task. There are certain points that users should know before attempting a reinstallation. Following are the points that a user needs to keep in mind:

  • Be careful when you handle partitions, never delete the recovery partition even by mistake. Ones it is deleted then you will have to purchase the OS again.
  • Before initiating for recovery partition, ensure that you have a backup of the important required files and data.