Recovery of Windows partition is as easy as creating it. You might be worried since you lost your Windows partition which has important documents and other folders, but not anymore. We have designed the Remo Partition Recover for you to recover all your data from Windows partition just by few clicks. A solution for all your Windows partition data loss issues.

Before we start with the solution, it is mandatory to know the reasons behind Windows partition issues.

Common issues that create problems to partitions

Formatting: While formatting a hard drive partition, it removes all the files present in that particular partition. At times we get prompt messages to format partitions otherwise we cannot access the partition.
Accidental deletion: Making changes in Windows disk management utility is common to most of the users. We tend to make changes in our hard drive partitions either by resizing, merging or splitting the partition. At times there have been instances when users deleted the partition accidentally which turns to unallocated space. Always be careful when you make changes in partitions.
Corrupted partitions: Due to Windows partition corruption the access might be denied. There might be various reasons for a partition to be corrupted. Some of them are abrupt shutdown of PC, termination of ongoing processes or creating a different partition from the existing partitions using an unreliable third party software.
Physical damage: Physical damage in hard drive will create problems in partitions. Especially if there is a bad sector where the partition table is stored, it may lead to partition loss. Using a hard drive again which already has bad sectors will increase the complications.

Remo Partition Recover - Windows

A solution for all your Windows partition related issues. No matter how complex is your scenario, Remo Recover can retrieve your Windows partition by few clicks. This software is designed with a strong and deep algorithm to help you recover partitions from Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


  • Remo Recover (Windows) supports all Windows file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT
  • This software helps you to recover partitions from hard drivers (SATA, IDE, ICSI etc), flash memory cards (memory stick, XD, SD, MMC etc), USB, FireWire drives etc.
  • It restores the files from the partition with complete folder structure along with its name, size, date and file type.
  • It can also recover your partition even after re-installing Windows
  • You can get back your partitions which were formatted, corrupted, deleted or lost due to any errors.
  • Save Scan Information enables you to store your scanning details of your drive, so that you don’t have to rescan it again which may cause further trouble to the drive.
  • The software will bypass the bad sectors on the hard drive and take a disk image, where you can recover your files from this disk image.
  • It can recover partitions from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array.
  • The Preview option enables you to view the file which you want to recover from the selected partition.
  • It can recover even if the active partition is missing.

Using Remo Recover to recover windows partitions

Step 1: Install the software and click on Recover Drives for recovering partition from Windows.

recover windows partition1

Step 2: Select Partition Recovery option which help you to recover lost or formatted Windows partitions.

recover windows partition2

Step 3: It displays the list of hard disk in your PC and click on the drive from which you want to recover the partitions.

recover windows partition3

Step 4: Let it complete the scanning to show all partitions that your hard drive had.

recover windows partition4

Step 5: After scanning, it shows a list of partitions. Select the required Windows partition and click next arrow key.

recover windows partition5

Step 6: After the scanning, it will show the list of files from the selected Windows partition. You can view the files with preview option and select the files which you want to recover.

recover windows partition6

Step 7: Store the recovered files in a particular location according to your convenience.

recover windows partition7

Expert’s Advice

  • Perform Disk defragmentation at times, so that all the files are arranged in order.
  • If you realize that your hard drive partitions are lost, do not use the hard drive to store files again. It may lead to over writing of your files and cannot recover them.
  • When making changes in Windows disk management utility, ensure that you do not make mistakes.
  • To recover partitions, it is advised to connect the hard drive to a different unit as external hard drive and then recover your partition.

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