When you lose your data from ReFS partition, never think that it’s not possible to recover ReFS partition from windows server operating system like Windows Server 2012. You have the best solution available to recover partition from ReFS partition. You can recover ReFS Partition by using Remo Partition Recover Software.


Other Scenarios in which Remo Partition Recovery Utility can help you

  • ReFS Corrupted - In some situations, you can see that your partition gets corrupted and you will not get access to the partition further. Hence, Remo Partition Recovery application can help you to recover files.
  • Virus Infection - If your partition gets affected by virus or malware threads, it will make your ReFS partition corrupted, deleted or results in data loss.
  • Improper Way of Partitioning - If you partitioned your drive in improper way or using unsecure applications, it will make your ReFS partition corrupted.
  • Accidental Deletion - Mistakes are common for everyone; you may delete ReFS partition wrongly instead of deleting another one.

Features of Remo Partition Recovery

  • Using Remo Partition Recover utility, you can restore ReFS Partition.
  • Remo Partition Recover can recover ReFS partition from hard drives, flash memory cards, USB external drives, FireWire Drives, etc.
  • Remo Partition Recovery will take few minutes to scan the entire drive to recover deleted ReFS partition.
  • It can restore your ReFS partition from the hard drive when your hard drive is crashed or does not boot.
  • The application has the ability to identify every file types including images, videos, audios, documents, etc on the basis of their unique signatures.
  • You can sort the recovered data from ReFS partition based on its name, size, date and file type.
  • You can resume the recovery process any time using "Save Scan Information" feature.
  • You can preview recovered files prior to data restoration.

How to Recover ReFS Partition

Step 1: Install the Remo Partition Recovery utility and open it.

Step 2: Select the option Recover Drives and click on the Partition Recovery

recover refs partition1

Step 3: Remo partition recovery will show the drives that you have, select the drive and click on next.

recover refs partition2

Step 4: Once the scan is completed, it will show the ReFS partitions that was found on the drive. Select the ReFS partition which you want to recover and select next.

recover refs partition3

Step 5: You can see a window to search based on file types. If you want to recover the whole files from the ReFS partition, then click on skip button. Otherwise, select the required file type and select next.

recover refs partition4

Step 6: After a scan, the software will shows the files that has found. Please select the files that you wish to recover. Double click on the files will give you preview, it will helps to verify the files. After selecting the files, click on next.

recover refs partition5

Step 7: You will get a pop-up message asking whether you are interested to save the recovery session, click yes if you are interested, it will help you to resume the recovery process. Otherwise click on No.

recover refs partition6

Step 8: Select a location to store the recovered files and click next. Once the saving process is completed, Remo Partition Recovery application will automatically open the output location. You can check whether all files are there or not.

recover refs partition7

Expert Advices

  • Back up – Create a backup of your important files from ReFS partition and try to store it on multiple locations.
  • Avoid Over-writing – If you find your data disappeared from your hard disk, don’t use your hard disk anymore to avoid over-writing scenario.
  • Antivirus – Use a quality anti-virus software to protect your computer from virus attacks and malware threads.
  • Avoid interruptions – Avoid the scenarios that lead to power surge, abrupt shut-down and other interruptions.