There are chances of losing a partition when you upgrade your PC from Windows 8 to 10 improperly. So how do you recover a partition after factory reset? Let us understand this by reading a situation:

For e.g. A user before converting his Windows 8 PC to Windows 10, transferred all the important data and files to another drive (name it E). As the user proceeded with the reset process an option came, from which the user choose to Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows. Well, the user was under the impression that only main drive that is the C drive will be formatted to upgrade the OS. Once the factory reset was completed, the system restarted with the Windows 10 upgraded Operating System. To the user’s shock, only the C drive was left after the restoration process. The drive (Drive E) in which the user had stored the important data and files has disappeared.

The above given is an example of partition loses after factory reset. Let us now understand the situation in detail. Factory reset is an operation in which the device settings will be changed to the default setting. Files or data are not deleted based on the selection of the user, partition loss while upgrading to Windows 10 happens due to factory reset. The factory reset roll backs to the settings which was created when the system was purchased.

Another situation in which a user can lose the partition after factory reset is when they end up creating errors while a factory reset process is going on. The data is not deleted from the hard drive, just that it becomes unavailable from the hard drive.

Note: Do not perform any activity on the upgraded Windows 10 or reinstallation of OS soon after partition loss, if the user wants to recover the lost partition.


Features of Remo Partition Recover

Remo Partition Recover will help in recovering partition after factory reset. The software has its own features; these features are the reason for customer satisfaction. Remo Partition Recover has an ability to restore 300 different types of lost partitions after factory reset. File types like MS Office, images, videos, program files, compressed files etc can be recovered. The software uses signature search. Apart from file recovery, the software recovers partition which is damaged, lost, missing and even inaccessible after factory reset. The software can also recover partition from unbootable hard disk, a hard disk which shows error messages, a hard drive that has become RAW in Windows 10 system. The application recovers partition from pen drives, flash drives, external HDD, SSD which have FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file system. The tool at the same time can also recover partition after factory reset on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003, Windows XP. The utility is also compatible in Windows 10.

Steps to Retrieve Partition soon after Factory Reset

Remo Partition Recover as mentioned before does not only recover partition after factory reset. It has many other features. Now let us know how you can restore partition that became unavailable after factory reset.

Step 1 - Install and run the utility Remo Partition Recover.

Step 2 - From the launch page, click on Recover Drives.

recover partition after factory reset 1

Step 3 - You will be directed to the next page, from where you will have to choose Partition Recovery.

recover partition after factory reset 2

Step 4 - The number of storage disks that was on the system, will be displayed. Select the hard disk from the partition went missing after factory reset.

recover partition after factory reset 3

Step 5 - Once the scanning is completed, choose the partition that was lost after factory reset.

recover partition after factory reset 4

Step 6 - You get an option to recover the file based of their file type. You can select the file type and click on next button. If you want to recover the complete partition, click on Skip button.

recover partition after factory reset 5

Step 7 - When the scanning is completed, a list of files will be displayed from the partition that was unavailable after factory reset.

recover partition after factory reset 6

Step 8 - You can select the files you want to restore and then click the Next button. A pop-up message stating whether you need to Save Recovery Session will be displayed on the screen. If you want to save the information you can click on the Yes button otherwise click on the No button.

recover partition after factory reset 7

Step 9 - You can get the license key online to save the retrieved partition to the desired location.

recover partition after factory reset 8

Expert Advice

  • Always create a backup of your important files.
  • Do not interrupt when there is a process running on your system.
  • To avoid power fluctuation or power cut, stabilize your system using UPS.