You have one of the most efficient system that is Mac. You will definitely, feel Mac is superior to any other products but issues arise when you end up messing up with the partition. There are so many situations when people, due to carelessness format or reformat the Mac Partition.

Now what happens when your MAC partition is formatted? You lose your important files and data from that partition. At the same time the situation also creates panic in you. You keep wondering whether these formatted Mac Partition can be recovered? Well answer to this question is Yes! You definitely can recover formatted Mac Partition. A detailed solution is given below about recovering formatted Mac Partition.


Apart from being careless, what are the other situations that lead to formatting of a Mac Partition. You can also restore formatted Mac Partition, if you face these situations that is stated below:

  • Reinstalling your Mac Operating System.
  • Installation of OS after formatting the main partition i.e., recovery partition. Clicking on Full format or quick format on the user drive accidentally.
  • When you interrupt a reformatting process that is., file system being converted from HFS to HFS+, HFS to HFSX, HFS+ to HFSX or even vice versa.
  • If the Operating system calls for initialization of the drive for formatting, when you connect an external storage device.
  • Now that you understand the scenarios, the next portion is about expert advice on how you can keep your Mac Partition from being formatted.

Features OF Remo Partition Recover

Let us now understand the software Remo Partition Recover which will help you restore your formatted Mac Partition.

  • You can restore formatted or reformatted Mac partition which is of the format HFS, HFSX, HFS+.
  • The software will help you in recovering images, audio, documents, etc even if you re-install your Mac OS from a formatted Partition.
  • Retrieves partitions from the formatted Mac Partition with its directory structures, paths and original name.
  • You can use the Preview option in the software. It will help you get a view of the partitions and files that were recovered from formatted Mac Partitions.
  • Prior to data restoration the recovered data from formatted partitions or drives can be Previewed.

Expert Advice

Before learning about how you can recover a formatted Mac partition, you can keep these expert advices in mind while handling a Mac Partition.

  • Check twice before you format or reformat a Mac Partition.
  • Create a backup of all your important files on regular basis.
  • Try not to interrupt any on going process like reformatting of a Mac partition.

Steps for Recovering Formatted Mac Partition

The steps to retrieve a formatted Mac Partition using Remo Partition Recover is given below:

Step 1- Connect your hard drive to another system to recover your Mac Volumes which was formatted.

Step 2 - Download and run the application Remo Partition Recover.

Step 3 - Choose Recover Volumes/ Drives, from the launch pad.

Step 4 - Click the Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option for retrieving formatted Mac Volumes.

Steps 5 - Remo Partition Recover, application will display the drives from which the partition got formatted. Then click Next.

Step 6 - The software will begin to scan the chosen drive, in order to recover the Mac volume which was formatted.

Step 7 - When the scan is completed successfully, the list of partition that was present in the drive will be displayed. You can now choose the formatted Mac Volume that needs to be retrieved.

Step 8 - The application will provide an option to restore files based on its file types. You can select the file type, you want to recover and then click on Next button. If you want to restore the entire formatted partition, you can click Skip.

Step 9 - Once the scanning is over, data from the formatted Mac Volumes can be viewed using File Type View/ Data View. Select the files you want to retrieve and click on Next again.

Step 10 - Save the scan details Formatted Mac volumes using the option Save Recovery Session.

Step 11 - By getting the license key online, you can save the restored Mac Partition to the desired location.