A very common mistake while formatting a partition is, the user by mistake formats another partition. Now to handle such a situation the user should know to recover formatted hard drive partition. The user can recover the formatted hard disk partition, quickly and easily by using Remo Partition Recover.


The below given list are scenarios that leads to HDD partition formatting:

  • Accidentally clicking on Quick Format or Full Format on hard disk partition
  • Using DVD or CD for system restore.
  • Formatting a storage media by mistake.
  • If a storage media is being reformatted while converting the file system from FAT 16/ FAT 32 to NTFS/ NTFS5 or vice versa.
  • When connecting a hard disk or any other device to the user pc. The OS calls for initializing the drive for formatting as the access to partition is denied.

Expert Advice to Recover Formatted Hard Disk Partition

  • If the user has formatted a hard disk partition, ensure that important files are not missing in that particular partition. If so, recover the partition before overwriting.
  • Create a regular backup of the important files.

Features of Remo Partition Recover

  • Helps the user to recover files from formatted hard disk or partition.
  • The software supports restoring data from NTFS, FAT, HFS formatted HDD partitions.
  • Restores files, audio, images, documents, RAW images etc. from a formatted hard drive partition even after reinstalling the Windows OS or Mac OS.
  • Recovers formatted hard disk partition with its original file names, paths and directory structure.
  • The application will help in restoring files even after partial hdd format.
  • Data can be recovered after reformatting from FAT16 to FAT32, FAT32 to NTFS or NTFS5 to FAT or HFS+ to HFSX.
  • Prior to partition restoration the recovered data from formatted partitions or drives can be Previewed using the Preview option.
  • The restored partition can be compressed and stored to any accessible drive or DVD.

Steps to Recover Formatted HDD Partition

Step 1 - Download and install Remo Partition Recover software.

Step 2 - Now the launch pad of the software will be displayed on the screen. Select Recover Drives option.

recover formatted hard drive partition1

Step 3 - Choose Formatted / Reformatted Recovery from the next page.

recover formatted hard drive partition2

Step 4 - Now, the user can select the formatted partition / drive from where the user wants to recover the data from and then click next.

recover formatted hard drive partition3

Step 5 - When the user clicks next, the application will begin the scanning of the selected partition to recover data from formatted hdd partition.

recover formatted hard drive partition4

Step 6 - Once the scanning is completed, the software will show the list of partitions that were formatted. Select the desired partition and click next.

recover formatted hard drive partition5

Step 7 - Now the user can restore the files based on the file type. If the user wants to retrieve the whole formatted partition, click on skip option.

recover formatted hard drive partition6

Step 8 - When the scanning is completed the user can view the recovered data in a list.

recover formatted hard drive partition7

Step 9 - The user can select Save Recovery Session option in order to save the scanned information, this will help to save time and the user need not rescan the drive.

recover formatted hard drive partition8

Step 10 - Once the user is satisfied with recovery results, the user can get the license key to recover the formatted hard drive partition. Now the user can activate the application and choose “Open Recovery Session” to load the previously scanned and saved information. Then click Next.

recover formatted hard drive partition9

Step 11 - As the user clicks on Next, they will get an option to save the retrieved data from formatted hdd partition in the desired location.

recover formatted hard drive partition10