External Hard Drives are easy to use and carry. These drives usually contain most of our important documents because of its portability. Therefore, you can plug it into any of the systems and make your work easy. But the problem arises when you have connected the External Hard disk and end up formatting the partition in your external hard disk. Now this is a difficult situation to handle, but you can definitely recover formatted external hard drive by using Remo Partition Recover.

You can recover partitions which are formatted intentionally or even unintentionally from an external hard drive. In both cases we can recover the partition if overwritten is avoided. What are the other chances for an external HDD partition to get formatted unintentionally? There are many reasons for the partitions to get formatted. Major reasons on how external hard drive partition gets formatted are stated below.

  • Accidentally hitting on the quick or full format on the user’s drive.
  • When the reformatting process is going on in the storage media, i.e., converting the file system from FAT 32 to FAT 16 or NTFS5 to NTFS. (Vice versa too)
  • When the external hard drive is connected and the OS calls for the drive formatting process due to reasons like virus infection, Bad sector, or corruption in the file system.
  • Formatting of a storage media unintentionally.
  • Now, these are the major reasons, for an external hard drive to get formatted. As stated above Remo Partition Recover can definitely help you recover your formatted partitions, provided that nothing is overwritten. Let us look into the features of the software.


    Features of Remo Partition Recover

    • The user can recover partitions from formatted external hard disk.
    • You can restore partitions from the file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5.
    • The software helps to restore files and data of different file formats from formatted external HDD partitions.
    • Restores partitions after formatting from external hard drive, with its original name and directory structure.
    • You can even recover partition even after partial formats performed on external HDD.
    • The Preview option in the software will help you to view the recovery session before saving.

    Steps to Recover Formatted Hard Drive Partition

    Step 1 - Download and run the software Remo Partition Recover.

    Step 2 - From the launch pad, that has appeared on the screen choose Recover drives/ Partitions.

    recover formatted external hard drive partition 1

    Step 3 - You can now choose Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery.

    recover formatted external hard drive partition 2

    Step 4 - You may now choose the formatted external hard drive from which you want to recover the partition.

    recover formatted external hard drive partition 3

    Step 5 - As soon as you hit the next button the scanning process will begin. A list of partition present in external hard disk will be displayed. Choose the formatted partition.

    recover formatted external hard drive partition 4

    Step 6 - You can choose the file that needs to recovered or skip this option to restore the partition as a whole

    recover formatted external hard drive partition 5

    Step 7 - Your formatted external hard drive partition will be recovered, and you can verify it before saving using the Preview option.

    recover formatted external hard drive partition 6

    Step 8 - Using Save Recovery Session you can save the information that was recovered and later on open it using Open Recovery Session. Next time when you resume this session, the software need to scan the drive again making it less time consuming.

    recover formatted external hard drive partition 7

    Step 9 - You can save the save retrieved partition to the desired location by getting the license online.

    recover formatted external hard drive partition 8

    Expert Advice to avoid data loss

    • Once the drive is formatted, and if you want to recover the partition from external hard drives then you should not reformat your external hard drive until you have restored the necessary partitions.
    • Create a backup of your external hard drive folders on regular basis.
    • Always maintain the PC and external hard drive free from virus and malware.