When you lose your ExFAT Partition; it can be easily recovered by using Remo Partition Recover Software. ExFat is compatible in both Windows and Mac operating system, this file system is recommended by many for an external hard disk. ExFAT Partitions are formatted due to different reasons:

  • If the ExFAT partition is affected with virus then, it will lead to forceful formatting of ExFAT Partition.
  • Unintentionally using the format option will lead to formatting of an ExFAT partition.
  • When there is damage in partition table, the ExFAT Partition becomes inaccessible.

These are few common problems faced by users. If this is the situation then, Remo Partition Recover can definitely help the user, to restore formatted ExFAT Partition.

How to recover ExFAT Partition

Step 1- Download and Run the Remo Partition Recover application.

Step 2- Choose Recover Drives from the launch page, and then click Partition Recover. All the drives in the system will be displayed.

recover formatted partition1

Step 3- Choose the ExFAT partition, that needs to be restored and click Next.

recover formatted partition2

Step 4- A list will be available with different file types. The user can select the file types that needs to be restored. If a specific file type is not found, user can simply click on Add File Type. The user can Skip this option if they need to recover the ExFAT partition completely.

recover formatted partition3

Step 5- Once the user has selected the file type that needs to be recovered, the software will begin scanning data for ExFAT Partition.

recover formatted partition4

Step 6- The recovered data from ExFAT partition will be displayed in Data View or File Type View. Before going further verify the files. Double click on a file for Preview.

recover formatted partition5

Step 7- The user can now save the restored file to the desired location, soon after purchasing the product.

recover formatted partition6

Features of Remo Partition Recover

  • The application can recover ExFAT partitions form SSD, HDD, RAID0, RAID 1, RAID 5 array drives, external drives such as USB drive, FireWire drive or even Memory Cards.
  • Apart from ExFAT system, Remo Partition Recover can help in retrieving other File system such as FAT 16,FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5.
  • The software has the ability to recover ExFAT partitions which were lost while re-partitioning or bad sector issues partition from hard drives.
  • Around 300 file types can be recovered from ExFat partition which includes videos files, audios files, image files, ZIP files, word files, excel files and many more.
  • The Save Recovery Session in the software will help store the recovery information, which is less time consuming.

Tip to Avoid data loss from ExFAT Partition

  • Do not perform any operations unless and until the ExFAT Partition is recovered.
  • Always remember to create a backup on multiple devices.