There are many ways through which a hard drive partition can get corrupted. If you are in such a situation, do not worry! It is easy to recover corrupted hard drive partition. You just need to have knowledge about how hard drive gets corrupted and what are its consequences. Remo Partition Recover helps to recover corrupted Hard drive partition.

Below given are the reasons for corruption of a hard disk partition:

Third Party Application - Unsecure third party applications downloaded from the internet can affect the files or the entire partition, making it corrupted.

Virus Attack - Virus infected files or documents will damage the hard disk partitions.

Power Surge - Abrupt variation in the current supply, might lead to shut down of the system which will results in partition corruption.

Bad Sectors - This is a permanent damage. It will make the disk drive inaccessible. When the hard drive is effected due to bad sector and if the user uses it over and over again, the corruption will increase.

Terminating an On-going Process - Terminating an on-going process may lead to corruption of a hard disk partition.

Damage in the Header - This occurs when the header of hard disk comes in touch with the rotating platter. This will lead to permanent irreparable damage on the magnetic media of the hard disk's platter surface.


Features Of Remo Partition Recover

Remo Partition Recover is an application that assist users to recover corrupted hard drive partitions. The application is not at all time consuming, because it takes less time to restore the damaged hard drive partition. As an add on, the tool also has a feature called save the recovery, which helps you to avoid further scanning of the disk and saves time. It will also bypass the bad sectors to create disk image. At the same time, this application can recover corrupted hard drive partition from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array. The recovered data from corrupted hard drive partitions can be listed on the basis of its name, created date, size and its file type. The different types of file this software can recover from a corrupted hard disk partitions are images, audio files, video files, documents etc on the basis of their unique signatures. The software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. The files can be viewed using preview option before restoring the recovered files.

Steps to Recover Corrupted Hard Drive Partition

Step 1 - Download and run the Remo Partition Recover Software.

Step 2 - Once the launching pad appears on the screen, you can choose Recover Drives.

Step 3 - The tool will take you to the next page, from that choose Partition Recovery, in order to recover data from corrupted hard drive partition.

Step 4 - Choose the drive from which you would like to restore the corrupted partition and then click on the next arrow key.

Step 5 - Once the scan is completed, the application will display all the partitions which were created and present in that hard drive. From that click on the corrupted partition you need to recover and click next.

Step 6 - Now a window pops up for making the recovery easier for you by selecting the exact file type and click next. If you wish to recover complete partition, click on skip button.

Step 7 - After a scan, list of files from the corrupted hard drive partition will be listed. Now you can use Preview option to view those files.

Step 8 - Now you can check if the software has recovered the required files from the damaged partition. On the other hand, you can also perform a Smart Scan which will deep scan the corrupted HDD for further recovery.

Step 9 - Once you are satisfied with the recovered files, you can get the licence key of Remo Partition Recover.

Expert Advice

  • Create multiple backup files, so that you don't loose files even if the HDD partition is corrupted.
  • Use authorised anti-virus and third party application which will not have an advisory effect on the hard disk drive partition.
  • Use a good UPS, so that power fluctuation doesn't affect the system.
  • Do not try termination an on-going process abruptly.