Sometimes your USB flash drive may not show its original size, instead it may show up less space even when the drive is empty. Suppose you have a 16GB pen drive, but it may show only 938MB free space. Even if you try erasing all the files from it, the size remains same. This might happen when you try to make it a bootable flash drive or because of partition corruption. However, it may not get fixed just by reformatting the pen drive, instead you need to clean the drive and create a new partition. Here we are going to discuss about how to bring back your USB flash drive to its original size.

For this you need to create a new partition instead of formatting it; Follow the below listed steps:

Step 1: Open the command prompt as admin by searching “cmd“ after clicking on windows key.

Step 2: Type “diskpart” and press Enter.

Step 3: Enter “list disk”, it will show the list of disks which available, their status and size.

Step 4: Select your USB flash drive, if it is disk 1, please enter “select disk 1”.

Step 5: Now type “list partition” on the command prompt to get list of partitions available, their type and sizes.

Step 6: Now we are going to clean your partition. Just type “clean”. Then you will receive a message “diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk”.

Step 7: Again check whether there are any partitions on the disk, to check it please enter “list partition” command. It will show you there is any partitions or not.

Step 8: If there are no partitions on the disk, Please create a primary partition by using the command “create partition primary”. Again check the list of partition using the “list partition” command.

Step 9: Now you need to decide the format of your partition, if it is FAT32, just enter the command “format fs=fat32 quick”. It will take some time to gets finished.

Step 10: Please verify the partition by typing “list partition’ command.

Step 11: Enter “exit” to close the command prompt.

Now your USB flash drive will regain its original size, but you must be careful to avoid data loss scenarios. If your pen drive includes any important files, after this process your partition will be empty. To avoid these scenarios, you must be careful to take backup of files before performing these steps mentioned above and if you forgot to take backup, you can use any quality partition recovery software to restore your files back to the partition.