Mac partitions also called as Volumes helps you to manage and categorise all your files. A small mistake while using your unit may lead to Mac partition damage or deletion where you might find difficulties to get back your data. We thought about helping our customers who were facing issues with Mac partition recovery. So we came up with Remo Partition Recover which will help you to retrieve all your files from a corrupted or formatted Mac partition. We noticed that all the customers were successfully recovering the Mac partition, we decided to tell you how easy it to restore a Mac partition.
Before we start off, we would like you to know the basic things that made you land up in this situation.

Situations leading to Mac Partition/ Volume Deletion

There are number of ways in which one can lose a partition from Mac OS. The common scenarios are:

Formatting a partition- Many users end up formatting a partition, believing that it will solve problem. Whereas formatting that partition is not the right solution and more to it the user ends up losing the data from the very same formatted partition.

Virus Attack- Mac OS and Mac OSX comes with high secured coding, so that virus attack cannot affect the system. Techies now a days are finding virus that can affect the Mac partition.

Accidentally Deleting- For easy usage, the users will usually create partitions and these partitions can be resized by separating or merging two or more partitions. While making changes you may accidentally delete Mac partitions and lose data

Corruption- Another scenario in which your partition can get corrupted is when there is an abrupt shutdown or use of unreliable third party software.

Do’s and Dont’s

If you begin to face the above mentioned issues, the second thought that would run in your mind would be regarding the recovery of lost or formatted partition. But prior to that you need to know, what should be done if they are facing problems regarding mac partition:

  • Do not run any manual methods thinking that it will help you recover the damaged partitions. In fact, it might get the situation even worse. After you run the disk utility, and then if you try to recover data from damaged volumes with the help of third party software it might not be effective.
  • Do not save any new files or perform Mac operations when a partition is lost in your hard drive. This may lead to over writing and you may not be able to recover your files.
  • Once you are in trouble, never attempt to re-create, re-partition or reformat the mac partition.

Features of Remo Partition Recover

The software is a complete package for partition recovery of Mac OS and Mac OSX. There are many features for this software, but let me jot down the major features of our software:

  • REMO Partition Recover (Mac) is compatible to recover files from HFS, HFS+ and HFSX file systems o.
  • There are two built-in definitive volume scanning engines that help recover accidentally formatted mac volumes.
  • Restores deleted Mac volumes from Mac Book, Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, iMac, Mac Mini etc.
  • Remo Partition Recover (Mac) has the ability to support restoration from Mac Volumes on both 32bit and 64bit Mac OS.
  • The scanning algorithms of the software are built in a way to help find and restore partitions that went missing /deleted.
  • The recovered partitions are viewed in Mac finder style interface.
  • The software also supports 64-bit Mac Sierra which is one of the latest OS of Mac OS X.
  • Our software supports both Intel and PowerPC Mac platforms, because it is a universal binary application.
  • Performs smart scan to recover lost data from the volumes.
  • Built in tools are extremely fast, and the “Find” option makes it easy to discover the file types or exact file.
  • You can save the scanned recovery session, so that the software need not rescan again and create more damage to partition.
  • The software allows you to preview the restored files before data restoration
  • It can also recover files which have been cleaned from the trash.
  • Recover files from hard drives (SATA, SCSI IDE) and flash memory cards ( SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick) USB external drives, FireWire Drives, iPods.
  • The software understands and restores various file types on the basis of its unique signatures.
  • Remo Partition Recover (Mac Version) helps create disk images which bypasses the bad sectors on the hard drive. With the help of these disk images, you can later restore data using our software.

Solution to Recover your Mac Partition

Step 1: Download and run the Remo Recover Software, choose Recover Volumes / Drives from the launch page.

partition recovery mac1

Step2: Opt Volumes Recovery, that will help you recover formatted or missing partitions.

partition recovery mac2

Step 3: In the screen, the software will display the number of hard disks it has found. Choose the drive from which you want to restore the partitions.

partition recovery mac3

Step 4: After the scan completes, it will show each and every partitions present in your hard drive.

partition recovery mac4

Step 5: Choose the required partition and click on next for further procedures. Once the scanning process is over, the scanned files can either be viewed by using “Data View” or “File Type View” options.

Step 6: You can view the files with preview option and select the files which you want to recover.

Step 7: Store the recovered files in a particular location according to your convenience.

partition recovery mac5

Key Advices

  • You can perform disk defragmentation, in order to check that files are placed in order.
  • Once you have understood that your partition has defects then do not use the hard drive again. This will lead to overwriting and you will not be able to recover files.
  • It is always recommended to connect the affected hard drive as an external HDD to another unit and then perform the recovery.

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