NTFS, the default file system in Windows which makes it unique from other file systems because of its advantages. If you accidently format your NTFS partition, you will end losing the data from NTFS partition. For recovering files from the NTFS partition, you need to use a quality recovery tool. Remo Partition Recover is the recovery tool which can help you recover files from the NTFS partition.


Some of the scenarios which results in formatting of NTFS partition are listed below: -

  • Operating System not found
  • Virus Attack
  • Hard drive showed as RAW
  • Accidental formatting
  • Abrupt shutdown
  • Installing

In these situations, you need to format the NTFS partition to get access to your data. But while formatting it, you will lose your important data also. Most of the people will think that once the partition gets formatted, then it’s not possible to restore files back. Using Remo Recover application, you can retrieve your complete NTFS partition.

Features of NTFS Partition Recovery application – Remo Partition Recover

  • Remo Partition recover can scan the entire drive and recover the files within few minutes.
  • It can recover the files which was removed using the delete command and shortcut keys like Shift+Delete, etc.
  • Not only NTFS, but also supports the recovery of data from NTFS5, ExtFAT, FAT16, FAT32, partitions.
  • It can also recover data from a crashed hard drive.
  • The software can get back the files even if the active partition is damaged.
  • The application can recover data from the partitions which were removed, formatted or corrupted due to improper resizing of the partition.
  • It can identify the file types including office documents, photos, videos, audios, archives, etc on the basis of their unique signatures.
  • It can sort the recovered files based on their file name, size, date, etc.
  • You can use the preview feature to ensure the recovered files are required or not.
  • Save Recovery Session option enables you to save the scanned session, so that further scanning is not required after purchase.
  • The Disk Image option allows you bypass the bad sectors present in the hard drive and recovers the data.

Steps for retrieving files from NTFS partition

Install the Remo Partition Recover and open it, then follow the steps given below,

Step 1: Click on Recover Drives on the home screen.

ntfs partition recover1

Step 2: Select Partition Recovery option.

ntfs partition recover2

Step 3: It will show the Storage Devices, select the disk and click on the next icon.

ntfs partition recover3

Step 4: Remo Recover will start searching partitions and after a successful scan, it will show the list of partitions.

ntfs partition recover4

Step 5: Select the partition from which you need to recover files and click next arrow key.

Step 6: After the scanning, you will get an option for recovering files based on the file types, select the file types if required and click on next button. Otherwise, please select the skip button.

ntfs partition recover5

Step 7: Again after the search, the files will be displayed, you can select the files on the partition which you want to recover and click on next button.

ntfs partition recover6

Step 8: Save the files from your NTFS partition to any location in your PC.

ntfs partition recover7

Expert Advices to keep your NTFS Partition safe

  • Use a quality antivirus and update it regularly to avoid data loss due to virus attacks.
  • Avoid using unsecure third party applications, because it may damage your important files and may make your partition corrupted.
  • Improper partitioning can lead to corruption of partition. Therefore, it is necessary that the user handles these process with utmost care.
  • In order to do re-partition, it is advised to opt Professional Support.
  • Don’t use the partition before recovering your important files, so that your files are not overwritten by new data.