Mac hard drive partition recovery is the solution for your Mac computer, when it gets corrupted. You may have multiple partitions in your Mac hard drive. If your Mac computer gets infected by virus, then it will make your Volumes corrupted or inaccessible. In such situation, you need to recover your Mac hdd partition. For such recovery, you can use the powerful recovery software; Remo Partition Recover.


Other scenarios where Remo Partition Recover can helps you

  • Accidental Formatting – If you format the Volume mistakenly, instead of formatting some other Volumes, it will lead to data loss. Such cases you can use Remo Partition Recover Utility.
  • Improper Shutdown – Improper shutdown of Mac system may make your Volumes corrupted.
  • Virus Attack – Virus infection may corrupt or remove partitions from the hard disk.
  • Power surge and other interruptions – The interruptions like power surge, terminating an application when the process is going on will results the corruption of Mac hard disk partitions.
  • Unsecure Applications – Some of the unsecure applications will do malfunctions without your knowledge.

Remo Partition Recover Features

  • Remo Partition Recover application helps to recover the partitions from Mac hard disk which was deleted, formatted and corrupted.
  • It can rescue files from the Mac hard disk quickly with few easy steps.
  • It can restore the Mac Volumes from the hard disk with different file systems like HFS, HFS+, FAT 16, FAT 32, etc.
  • Even if your hard disk is crashed or non –mounting, the software can recover the Mac partition easily.
  • It’s easy to restore partitions from Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, Air and other Mac devices.
  • Remo Partition Recover is a universal binary application, which will works on both Intel and PowerPC Mac platforms.
  • Using the preview feature, you can verify the files before recovering them.
  • It will help you to sort the restored files based on the name, date, type, etc.

How to recover partition from Mac hard drive

Step 1: Download and install Remo Partition Recovery. Open the application and select Recover Volumes / Drives.


Step 2: Click on the Volume Recovery. From the next window, please select the Mac hard disk from where you need to restore the Mac partitions.


Step 3: In the next window, please select the Volume. If you didn’t find the exact Volume, put a tick mark on the check box for advanced scanning and click next.


Step 4: Once the scanning process is over, it will list the Volumes that has found on the Mac hdd. Select the partition and click on next.


Step 5: Choose the scanning option as Standard Scan and proceed.

Step 6: Select the file types which you want to restore and proceed by clicking on next button. Otherwise, select the skip button.


Step 7: Using the Save Recovery Session button you can store the scanned information.


Step 8: Click on the Save button to recover the partition.


Expert Tips

  • Use quality antivirus to protect your Mac system from virus attacks.
  • Cross check before formatting or deleting Mac Volumes.
  • Avoid improper shut down of Mac computer to avoid the scenarios lead to partition corruption or loss.
  • Avoid using the unsecure applications in Mac units, which deletes or corrupt your files or partitions without your knowledge.