Seagate is one of the famous hard disk manufacturers and it is more popular because of its quality and data transferring. The hard drive is not just used to save pictures, instead you can use your Seagate external hard disk for storing movies, backup files, a huge amount of files etc. Seagate external hard drive’s storage capacity is ranging from 500GB to 4TB. It will be very upsetting when you lose the partition from your Seagate external hard drive. When you lose partitions, it is not just the partition instead you lose the data in the partition. In such cases, you will search the best solution for lost partition recovery from Seagate external hard drive. The common reasons, which will lead to partition loss in Seagate external hard drives are:

Formatting drive accidentally – Formatting a partition accidentally instead of formatting another partition.

Interruption while transferring file – When interruptions like power surge, unplugging of external hard drive, etc happens while transferring files from computer to external HDD or vice-versa, it may lead to partition loss scenario.

Bad Sectors – When your external hard disk has a bad sector on it. Your computer cannot read the data stored in the affected area. If the bad sector affects the area where the partition table details are stored, it will lead the partition loss or inaccessible partition error in Seagate external HDD.

Virus attack – You may lose the partition from the Seagate external hard drive as a result of virus attack. Some viruses will delete the partitions or effect the partition table and make the partition inaccessible.

Unreliable third party software – If you are using unreliable third party software to create a new partition, resizing the existing partition, etc will lead to partition loss.


Restore lost partition from Seagate external HDD using Remo Partition Recover

Remo partition recover is a powerful utility, which has the ability to scan your Seagate external hard drive deeply and restore the partitions easily. It can restore the partition from the hard drive, which has formatted, after reinstalling the operating system, etc. It can recover the partition from the hard drive even if the drive is crashed. Using the Remo partition recover utility, you can restore the partitions from the external USB drives, hard drives like SATA, IDE, etc, flash memory cards and FireWire devices. Other features are:-

  • The preview feature of the application will help you to verify the files before restoring.
  • The Save recovery session feature enable you to store the scanned information, hence you can skip the scanning process next time to restore Seagate external hard disk partition based on that information.
  • You can restore partitions from the external hard disk using Remo partition recover utility which has different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, etc.
  • The application has the ability to identify files like photos, videos, music, etc based on their unique signatures.
  • You can sort the restored files based on the file name, type, date, etc.

Method to Recover Lost Partition from Seagate External Hard Drive

Download Remo partition recover utility on your computer and register the product using the license key. Once you registered the product, connect your Seagate external hard disk and follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Select the option Recover Drives and then choose Partition Recovery.

lost partition recovery from seagate external hard drive 1

Step 2: Select your Seagate External HDD as the storage device from the list shown.

lost partition recovery from seagate external hard drive 2

Step 3: After a successful scan, it will show the partitions found on the drive. Please choose the lost partition, which you wish to restore.

lost partition recovery from seagate external hard drive 4

Step 4: Choose the file types and click on next button to restore the files based on their file types. Otherwise, for recovering the whole partition please press the skip button.

lost partition recovery from seagate external hard drive 5

Step 5: Select the files to recover and press the next icon to proceed. When you click the next icon, you will get a pop up to notifying the recovery session feature. If you want to save recovery session, please click on Yes, otherwise click on No.

lost partition recovery from seagate external hard drive 6

Step 6: Choose the location to store the recovered files and click on the next icon to start recovering.

lost partition recovery from seagate external hard drive 7

Expert Advice

  • Make sure that you are taking backup of important files regularly.
  • Avoid the interruptions while transferring files and use UPS for avoiding power surge interruptions.
  • Don’t use your Seagate external HDD until recovery process takes place. If you use it before recovering the lost partitions, your files may get overwritten by new files.