Nowadays, Lenovo computers are coming with recovery partition pre-installed in it. This will ensure that even after reinstallation, user will have a genuine Windows operating system with the help if Lenovo recovery partition. If the user faces any trouble with Windows OS or requires to restore the Windows, then they can use the Lenovo recovery partition. Here is the complete guide to restore your Windows operating system using the Lenovo recovery partition.

Lenovo have a new feature OneKey to reinstall your operating system. Most of the models include this feature for easy re-installation of Windows operating system. You can find the Onekey Rescue System button or Novo button on different places on different models.

You can see it on the top of palmrest for some models like Lenovo G400, G500, G405, G505, G410, G510, IdeaPad Z380, Z480, Z485, Z580, Z585, V470, V570, B470, B570, G450, G550, etc.


In some models the novo button appear on the right side of the system like Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14, Flex 14D, Flex 15, Flex 15D, Lenovo B40-30, Lenovo B40-70, Lenovo B40-45, Lenovo B50-30, Lenovo B50-30 Touch, Lenovo B50-70, Lenovo B50-45, Lenovo N40-30, Lenovo N40-70, Lenovo N50-70, Lenovo N40-45, Lenovo N50-45, YOGA 900, IdeaPad 305, etc.


In the case of other models: Lenovo IdeaPad Z500, P500, U310, U410, U310, U410 Touch, IdeaPad Y400/Y500, ideapad Y700, ideapad 300 (14ISK, 15ISK, 17ISK), ideapad 310 (14ISK, 15ISK, Touch-15ISK), ideapad 100 (14IBY, 15IBY), ideapad 510 (15ISK, 15IKB), ideapad 110, ideapad 310S/510S the novo button is seen on the left side of the system.


Before performing the Windows reinstallation, the user should ensure that back up all the files are

How to reinstall Windows from Lenovo recovery partition using OneKey Recovery

Using boot menu:

Step 1: Please press the key, which is nearer to the Power button, then the system will power on. (without booting into Windows)

Step 2: A boot menu will appear, select System Recovery from the Novo button menu.

Step 3: Please select the option Restore from initial backup and click on Next button.

Step 4: Now you will get a confirmation and restore summary, please select Start button.

Step 5: You will get two pop-up messages for confirmation, please select Yes and continue.

Step 6: Click on Done when the restoring process gets completed and select Reboot option.


If you are pressing the onekey Rescue System button or Novo button when the system has boot into Windows, then you will be redirected to another window first.

Step 1: You can see 2 options, System Backup and System Recovery.

Step 2: If you want to take backup of files, please click on the System Backup option. If you have already taken backup, the go to step 6 directly.

Step 3: On the next window, you can choose the backup file destination and click on Next.

Step 4: The next window shows a backup summary, select the Start button to take backup of file.

Step 5: Once the backup of file is completed, you will get a popup notification, click on OK.

Step 6: For restoring your Windows, please select System Recovery from the main window instead of selecting System Backup. You will get a pop, informing that you will be directed to System Recover window. Please press 'Yes'.

Step 7: OneKey recovery window will open, select the Restore from initial backup option and click on Next button.

Step 8: You will get a restore summary, select Start button to restore.

Step 9: You will get two pop-up messages for confirmation, please select Yes and continue.

Step 10: Click on Done when the restoring process gets completed.

Step 11: You can see 2 choices, Shutdown and Reboot. Select Reboot option.

If your device doesn't have recovery partition or you lost your recovery partition by mistake, you need to purchase the operating system again. If you are using windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 or windows 10, etc, it's better to download the operating system from the official website of Microsoft by paying a reasonable amount.

Things to do

  • Please take backup of your important files before restoring the operating system. Otherwise, you will lose it forever and require the support of any quality recovery tool to restore the files back safely.
  • If your system is connected with docking station, please disconnect it while restoring your Windows.
  • Use multiple backup of your important files on multiple external storage devices.