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A Complete Guide To Manage Partitions

Most of us are using multiple partitions in our computer to managing our operating systems, personal files, official files, etc. Maintaining partition is not an easy task for everyone.

Best way to restore USB to its original capacity

No compromising in your lost USB flash drive space. Here is the step by step instruction to get back your USB flash drive's original size using manual method.

HP system recovery Windows 7

Time to re-install the operating system on your hp computer? Step by Step instructions to reinstall your operating system using hp recovery partition.

Dell recovery partition from Windows 7

Why buy new windows 7, use your dell recovery partition and re-install your windows 7 operating system by following simple steps.

Lenovo Windows recovery partition

A trustable method to restore your Lenovo genuine Windows operating system using Lenovo recovery partition with simple steps.

Acer Windows Reinstallation from Recovery Partition

Restore your PC to factory settings using Acer recovery partition using the easiest steps.

Asus Factory Reset using Recovery Partition

No need to depend on professionals to get your Windows reinstalled, here is the easiest way to roll back your PC to factory settings using Asus recovery partition.

Steps to hide partitions using diskpart

Not ready to take risk by hiding partition using third party applications? Then follow this guide, which helps you to hide partition using diskpart, an inbuilt feature in Windows.

Unhide Partitions using Command Prompt

Unhide your Windows hard drive partitions using command prompt without using any software.

Recovery Partition Sony Vaio Laptops

The complete guide that help you to restore windows 8.1 operating system on your Sony Vaio laptop using Sony recovery partition easily.

Recovery Partition Toshiba

The complete guide to reinstall the Windows operating system using Toshiba Recovery Partition with simple steps.

External Hard Drive Partitioning Method

The complete guide that will help you to understand how to partition an external hard drive by simple steps.

Recover Partition When Access is denied

The complete guide to make your partition accessible when you are facing partition access is denied error.

Benefits of Recovery Partition

Click here to read and understand in and out information based on the topic what is recovery partition and its uses.

How can you Format a Partition form Windows 10

Click here to know about how you can format partition in Windows 10 without using any application.

How to Make a Partition Bootable on Windows 10

Find here, the step by step procedure to create a bootable partition on Windows 10 using diskpart command.