IDE hard drive is used by many people and it is common that misfortunes strike at any time. Misfortunes while handling an IDE hard drive partition would be damage, deletion or formatting of the IDE partition. Now that misfortune has struck you, and you are in search of a solution. Remo Partition Recover, is the solution to all your misfortunes. Before learning about the software you have to understand on what lead to the misfortune. First let us go through the scenarios that got your IDE hard drive damaged:

  • Shut Down Abruptly- When your system shut downs abruptly, it will affect the partition of the IDE hard drive.
  • Virus Invasion- Hard drives are prone to get affected by Virus or Malwares. Once the virus gets into the partition, the IDE partition can get corrupted.
  • Third party tools- You will use different third party tools for different purposes but if these tools are not safe, then again it will have a negative impact on your IDE partition.
  • Formatting / Deleting of a Partition Accidentally- This situation arises when you want to format or delete a partition and you end up doing it on the wrong IDE partition.

Feature of Remo Partition Recover

Remo Partition Recover is a software that will help to recover your IDE hard drive partitions with ease. Even if you are not a tech savvy person, still this software is easy to use due to its user friendly interface. At the same time, the software is compatible in most of the versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The application helps restore IDE Hard disk partition that became inaccessible, formatted, reformatted, deleted or corrupted. The search algorithms in the software is used for deep scan, which will help to locate the existing and previously created partitions in IDE Hard drive. This recovering utility will help you retrieve partition of different file systems like FAT32, FAT16, HFS, HFSX, NTFS, NTFS5. The software is also free from malware and virus.

Steps for IDE Partition Recovery

Step 1 - Download the software Remo Partition recover and run it.

Step 2 -Select the option Recover Drives from the launch pad.

Step 3 - Choose the option Partition Recovery/ Drives

Step 4 - Choose the IDE disk from which your partition needs to be recovered and click next arrow button.

Step 5 -The application will start scanning the whole IDE disk in order to locate all the partitions. Select the required partition which need to be restores.

Step 6 -From the next page, you can retrieve files based on their file type and click next. For recovering the whole IDE partition, you can click on skip button.

Step 7 -You can use an option Save Recovery Session and at a later stage, you can open it using Open Recovery Session. This feature will help you save time and protect your hard drive from re-scanning.

Step 8 - You can view the recovered partition using File Type View or Data Type View. Preview option enables you to check the restored files.

Step 9 - Once you have checked the restored partitions, you can get the license key of the product online. You can now save the restored IDE hard drive partition to the desired location.

Expert Advice

  • Remember to protect your IDE Hard disk form virus malware infections by installing a trustworthy anti-virus software.
  • You can do a double check before performing any task on the IDE HDD partitions.
  • Make sure that you do not over write on the IDE hard disk until you have recovered your partition.
  • Use a UPS to avoid the negative affect of power fluctuations on the system.