A HP recovery partition is a separate partition in your HP system’s hard drive by default to perform reformatting of your partition which contains Windows 7 when required. It basically reinstalls all the hardware drivers and Windows 7. This Recovery partition is only to reformat the partition which contains Windows 7 OS.

Some users may give their HP laptops or desktops to any third party computer repair centers to re-install Windows 7. But there is no guarantee that the operating system will be genuine.

Actually it is very easy to reinstall the OS as the recovery partition usually will be “D drive” and the partition in which Windows 7 installed will be “C drive”. You just need to take a backup of the files from the partition where Windows 7 is installed (C Drive) and reinstall the OS from this recovery partition.

Here is the detailed instruction to reinstall your operating system from HP Recovery Partition.

Steps to re-install Windows from recovery partition

Step 1: Shut Down your computer.

Step 2: Disconnect all the external devises from your HP unit.

Step 3: Click on Start button and type Recovery Manager and select it from the result.

Step 4: Then click on Recovery Manager from the list again, then it will asks for admin password if you have set password for your account. Then, it will ask you “if you want to allow the program to make changes”. Please click Yes.

Step 5: Then in a new window an option I need help immediately will appear and from that list select System Recovery.

Step 6: Then your computer will ask whether you need to restore it to its original factory conditions. Please select yes and select next button. Your computer will restart and again open the recovery manager window.

Step 7: Again select the same System Recovery option and then you will get an option which reminds you to take backup of files. Hope you have taken backup of your important files.

Step 8: Select the choice Recover without backing up your files and click on next button.

Step 9: You can see a warning message, just select “OK” and click on Finish button to restart your HP computer. You need to wait sometime to finish the recovery process.

Step 10: Now you can restart your computer by connecting all your external devices and then install an antivirus software and updates.

Step 11: After installing antivirus and other updates, restart your computer and use it.

Steps to re-install Windows from BIOS

The above mentioned method is to be used when the HP system is booting into Windows 7. If not, there is another method to follow in case of blue screen error messages or other situations in which the unit does not boot into Windows 7.

Step 1: Remove all external devices and cables connected to your hp computer.

Step 2: Switch on your computer, keep tapping on F11 key repeatedly. Then you can see a new window, please select Troubleshoot option.

Step 3: On the troubleshoot screen, click Recovery Manager. If you have multiple OS installed, it will ask you to select the required OS. Hence select Windows 7.

Step 4: Click System Recovery, and on the next window it will show an option which will remind you to take back up of your file, if you want to take backup, please choose the option Backup your files first. Otherwise select the option Recover without backing up your files and then click next.

Step 5: Now new screen will display with information to ensure that you have disconnected all external devices from the PC. Please press Next after reading the instructions.

Step 6: Now the recovery process will start and will take couple of minutes to complete. Once the entire reinstallation is completed, click on Finish button.


Hope this article provided the detailed information on reinstalling Windows 7 from recovery partition and making it much more easy. Without anybody’s help you can re-install the Operating system in your HP computer. As an expert advice, it is necessary that you take backup of all your files on an external drive.