"I connected my Seagate External Hard Drive to my PC, in order to complete my unfinished work. A pop-up appeared on my screen which stated virus infected. I was horrified to see that pop-up and fixed the virus issue. Little did I know worse was waiting for me until the partition in Seagate External Hard Drive was missing. Is there a chance to recover partition from Seagate external hard drive?"

Seagate External Hard Drive is one amongst the most trusted hard disk. The Seagate external HDD provides good memory storage to store huge amount of data/ information and at the same time can help create backups of your important files. Another plus point of this HDD is that the built-in power management tool helps perform operations quickly. Seagate hard drives are available with storage capacity ranging from 500GB to 4TB.

Apart from Virus infection, what are the other reasons that lead to partition loss from Seagate External Hard Drive? How can a partition from Seagate External Hard drive be affected?

  • Hard drive Corruption- Partitions cannot be accessed if the hard drive is corrupted. No matter how many times you try to gain access to the partitions, it will be denied.
  • Conversion Error- While converting the file system, it is necessary that you be careful enough to avoid interruptions. Interruptions can have a very negative effect on the partitions of Seagate External HDD.
  • Third Party Tools- In order to create new partitions, you use unsecure tools on Seagate hard drive and the impact is negative in a way that it affected other partitions in the hard drive.
  • Formatting/ Deleting Accidentally- Unintentionally deleting or formatting a partition. For e.g. instead of formatting/ deleting an unwanted partition you end up doing the operation on another important partition.
  • Abrupt Shutdown- Sometimes it so happens that, you are transferring or working on the files Seagate External HDD, and the system shutdowns abruptly. Then there are chances that the partition of your Seagate HDD can get damaged.

    Remo Partition Recover and its features

    Before knowing how to recover partitions from Seagate External Hard drive, you have to understand how the software that will help you. Remo Partition Recover helps recover partitions which are formatted, damaged or lost from Seagate external hard drives. The software is compatible in most of the windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows Vista and Windows Server, therefore you just need to connect the Seagate external hard drive to the PC which has Windows OS. The application performs a deep scan with the help of search algorithm, which will enable you to locate the exact partitions from Seagate external HDD. File system formats such as FAT 32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, HFSX can also be recovered. The software has the ability to recover partitions from Seagate Hard disk which are affected due to bad sectors. In short, the application is user-friendly, free from malware and virus. At the same time consumes less time to help user restore partitions from an external hard drive which is of Seagate Brand.

    How Can I Restore Seagate External HDD partition

    Below given are the simple step you need to follow, in order to restore your partition from External Seagate Hard drive:

    Step 1 - Download the application Remo Partition Recover and run it.

    Step 2 - When the launching page appears on the screen, choose Recover Partition/ Drives.

    Step 3 - Now from the next page choose Partition Recovery.

    Step 4 - Choose the drive from which you want to retrieve the partitions and click on the Next arrow key.

    Step 5 - Once the scan is completed, the recovered partitions will be displayed on the screen. You can now choose the partition that needs to be restored and click on the Next arrow.

    Step 6 - After this, the application will display a list of files from the retrieved external Seagate Partition. If you want, you can retrieve particular file types or otherwise click skip to restore the whole partition.

    Step 7 - You can save this session using Save Recovery Session so that you can avoid the scanning process next time.

    Step 8 - You can get the license key of the product and then save the Partition to the desired location.

    Expert Advice

    • Avoid abrupt shutdown of the system, when external Seagate HDD is connected. You can use a UPS to avoid power fluctuation.
    • Protect your system and Seagate HDD from virus or malware by using trustworthy anti –virus products.
    • Do not interrupt an on-going process
    • Power backup - Use power backups like UPS to avoid the power surge scenarios.