Accidental formatting of partition is a general problem that everyone may go through. In such situations you need to use a quality recovery tool. Here Remo Partition Recover can help you to restore files from formatted partition in cases such as when u get an error message by showing your drive is not accessible now. Such situations, you are forcefully directed to format option.


Features of Remo Partition Recovery

  • Remo Partition Recovery will only take few minutes to scan the entire drive to recover formatted partitions.
  • It can recover formatted partitions from a RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array.
  • This Software can rescue files from formatted partitions, even if you have re-installed Windows operating system.
  • The application has the ability to identify file types from formatted partition which includes images, videos, audios, documents, etc. on the basis of their unique signatures.
  • You can sort the recovered data from formatted partitions based on its name, size, date and file type.
  • Remo Partition Recover can recover partitions from formatted hard drives, flash memory cards, USB external drives, FireWire Drives, etc.
  • You can resume the recovery process any time using "Save Recovery Session" feature, this ensures that you need not to rescan your drive to locate lost partitions.
  • This software after bypassing the bad sector create a Disk Images. You can later recover data from these disk images.
  • You can preview recovered files prior to data restoration using Preview option.

Method to Restore Formatted Partition

Step 1: Connect your affected hard drive which has formatted partition with another computer.

Step 2: Install the Remo Recovery tool on the computer and launch the application.

Step 3: Select the Recover Drives option from the main screen.

Step 4: Click on the Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option for restoring files from formatted partition.

Step 5: Remo Recover will show your drives and please select the drive you want to recover and press next.

Step 6: Now the software will start to scan the selected drive.

Step 7: After a successful scan, it will show the list of partitions found. Select the formatted partition which you want to restore and click on next button.

Step 8: You will get an option to recover files based on file types and select the file signature that you want to recover and select the next button. Otherwise, please click on skip button to recover the entire formatted partition.

Step 9: After scanning the data from formatted partition, you can view the recovered files using “File Type View / Data View” feature. You can select the files which you want to restore and click next button.

Step 10: You can use the “Save Recovery Session” feature to save the scan details.

Step 11: By selecting the location where you want to save your files, your data will restore there.


Expert Advice

  • Backup - Make it as a regular exercise to create backup of your important files.
  • Confirm before formatting - Before formatting partition, you need to ensure the files are moved to another storage medium or you have taken it’s backup.
  • Avoid Overwriting - You should avoid using the hard drive to prevent over writing.