"I deleted a partition from my Seagate 1TB hard drive accidently. Now the partition is not located in disc management. How can I restore my deleted Seagate partition? Because I haven't created a backup of the partition. Can anybody provide a solution to recover the deleted Seagate partition."

When you lose your important partition from Seagate hard drive, it is better to avoid using the hard disk until you have recovered the Seagate partition that was deleted. Once you delete any data from the partition or even delete the entire partition, usually it will not be removed from the hard disk. The file details from the index will be removed and the data will be safe in the same location until you have overwritten on the disk. You can use Remo Partition Recover software to restore the deleted Seagate partition. It is a powerful tool, which is designed to scan your hard drive deeply and helps restore the deleted Seagate partition with less time.


Remo Partition Recover tool to restore deleted Seagate Partition

Remo Partition Recover software can help you to restore partition even when you face another kind of situations. You can use the Remo Partition Recover utility to recover partition after reinstalling the operating system, reformatting partition, etc. This application can restore partitions not only from hard drives, it can recover partitions from flash memory cards, USB external drives, FireWire drives, etc. It has the ability of recovering partitions, which are in FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT file systems. Remo Partition Recover utility can identify more than 300 file types like images, videos, music, documents, etc based on their unique signature. The application will help you to sort the data that was recovered based on name, date, file size, etc. You can use this application to restore partition from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 arrays. It will support on most of the versions of Windows Operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. The Save Recovery Session and Open Recovery Session feature of Remo Partition Recover utility will help you to save the recovered information and you can restore the partition based on this information.

There are so many reasons, which will delete your partition from Seagate Hard Disk. You may lose the partition accidently, which discussed above; otherwise, the reason may be a virus attack. If your computer gets infected by a virus, it may delete your partition without your knowledge. If you are using any unreliable application on your computer, you must be careful. It can corrupt or remove your partitions. Abrupt shutdown of the computer, bad sectors in hard disk, etc will lead to partition loss scenarios in your Seagate HDD.

How can you restore deleted Seagate partition using Remo Partition Recover?

Follow the steps below in order to understand how to recover deleted Seagate Partition. Connect your Seagate hard disk to another computer as external hard disk. Download and install the Remo Partition Recover application on the computer.

Step 1: Select the Recover Drives option and choose the Partition Recovery.

Step 2: Choose your Seagate hard drive, which is connected as an external drive and click on next icon to start scanning.

Step 3: Once the scanning process completed, it will show the partitions found on the hard drive. Choose the partition that you wish to restore and click the next icon to proceed.

Step 4: Select the file types to recover based on file types. Otherwise, select the skip button to restore.

Step 5: Choose the files that you wish to recover and double click on the files will give you the file preview and click next icon to continue.

Step 6: Select the location to store your restored files and click the next icon to save.

Expert Advice

  • Take the backup of important files at a regular interval to overcome data loss situations.
  • Don’t use unreliable applications on your computer, which may result in partition lose.
  • Use antivirus application to secure your computer from virus attacks and malware threads.