"I have an external hard disk with 1TB of storage capacity. Now the folders are saved in an unordered manner, I want to organize the files. More to it I also want to install multiple operating system. For installing multiple operating system and organizing the unordered files, I will need to create partitions on the external hard drive. The problem is I don't know how to partition an external hard drive. Please help me to create partitions to organize my files."

External hard disks are playing a major role in our tech life because of its portability, large capacity, speed, etc. In this new techy world, we are giving more importance to the quality than the quantity. While taking photos, videos, music, etc we usually give importance to clarity of the files. The file size also increases when the quality of the files increase. So now we are not satisfied on the storage spaces that we have. By using the external hard drive, you can export your important files to it. For organizing files for your convenience, you need to make partitions in your external hard disk.

Steps to create Partitions in the External Hard Drive

Connect your external hard drive to your computer and then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Press the Windows button. (Start button), type diskmgmt.msc and hit on enter button.

Step 2: Now you can see the partition details in the Disk Management window. Right click on the existing partition of the external hard drive.

Step 3: If you are getting the full size in single partition, please choose the Shrink Volume option and choose the new size of the existing partition. Click on the Shrink button to proceed. Otherwise, if your external hard disk already has an unallocated partition, then avoid step 3 and go to step 4.

Step 4: Right click on the unallocated partition and select the new simple volume option.

Step 5: Configure your new partition by choosing the size, partition letter, file system, etc and click on finish button.

Now your new partition is ready to use, if you want to make more partition then you can keep repeating the same steps. External hard disk is becoming more popular and trendy than USB drives and most of the people are using it because of insufficient memory in internal storage device, backup purpose, etc. However, we can't assure that your data will be safe on your external hard disk. You can store it and make backup of your important files, but the files can end up being lost due to virus attack, file corruption and other reasons.

How to make your external hard drive partition safe?

Antivirus - Protecting computer using an antivirus software will help you to avoid the virus infection scenarios.

Use Safe Remove Option - Please try to use safe remove option to eject your hard disk from the computer after transferring the files, otherwise your partitions will be inaccessible.

Avoid Power surge - Avoid the scenarios that leads to power surge by using UPS, otherwise, when power surge occurs while transferring files from or to external hard drive will make the partition corrupted or leads to partition loss.

Avoid Connecting it with unsecure devices - Don't connect your external HDD with unsecure devices, it will lead to partition loss, partition corruption, etc.

Physical Damage - If your external hard disk face any physical damage, it will be difficult to regain the data from it.

Unreliable Application - Try to avoid unreliable partition managing applications, which may results in partition loss. If you lose your partition, you need to use powerful partition recovery tool to restore the partition from windows.