Are you searching for a solution to hide your partition safely without using any third party tools and complicated steps? Are you aware about hiding the partition using diskpart option? It quite obvious that most of the suggestion that you would have got is to use a third party application. But that's not true! You can hide partition using diskpart feature which is an inbuilt feature in Windows. For this process, you need to have little knowledge in command line which is explained in detail with pictures.

Steps to hide partition using diskpart

Step 1: Click on Start (Windows) button and type cmd.

Step 2: Right Click on the Command Prompt from the results and select the option "Run as administrator".

hide partition 1

Step 3: Type diskpart on the command prompt screen and press Enter button.

hide partition 2

Step 4: Type list volume and press enter key, to get the list of partitions available.

hide partition 3

Step 5: In this step you are going to hide the partition D, which includes the most important data. Type select volume D or select volume 2 to choose the Partition named D and press enter key.

hide partition 4

Step 6: Type remove letter D or remove letter d to hide the partition D in your system and press enter button.

hide partition 5

Then you can confirm by seeing: "the diskpart is successfully removed the drive letter".

Now, you cannot find the partition on your computer without unhiding it using the diskpart or any third party tools.

If you feel these commands are not easy to apply, then you can use third party applications, which are available in market to hide partitions. While choosing the third party tools, you must be careful to pick the genuine one. Otherwise, it may make your partition corrupted and inaccessible or delete the partition from your computer. In such cases, you need to use powerful recovery tool to recover such partitions safely.