HFS+ is the file system which is used in Mac OS X computers. HFS+ is advanced version of HFS, but it does not mean that your HFS+ partition is safe from partition loss, corruption or deletion. HFS Plus Partition Recovery can be done easily and quickly using Remo Partition Recover.


Below given are few of the situations that lead to loss or damage of HFS+ Partition:

  • HFS+ partition can be lost if the Partition Map gets corrupted. The Apple Partition Map has all the information regarding partitions on Mac such as size of every volume, the starting and ending index pointers, file system etc. without which Volumes will not be accessible.
  • Bad sectors created because of long term usage. This can lead to HFS Plus Partition becoming inaccessible.
  • Unintentionally deleting an HFS+ Volume on Mac while trying to resize the partitions or creating new partitions using disk utility.
  • Usage of unsecure third party tools, will lead to partition or Volume damage.

The above said are few of the reasons that lead to HFS Plus partition loss, but then you need not worry because now you can recover these partitions with the help of Remo Partition Recover.

Tips to Avoid HFS+ Partition Loss

Apart from HFS+ Partition Recovery as a Mac user, you need to know how to protect your partition to avoid HFS Plus Partition loss. Here are few tips to protect your HFS Plus Volumes:

  • Install Anti-Malware software to your unit to void issues caused due to unsecure applications or software that may harm your HFS+ partition in Mac.
  • Download and update your antivirus, to protect your Mac system from virus attack.
  • Don’t save the retrieved data on to the same damaged HFS Plus partition.
  • Avoid overwriting on partitions. If overwritten, then recovery will not be possible.
  • Enable Time Machine to restore deleted missing, lost, corrupted files from Hard Drive Volumes with ease.

Feature of Remo Recover Partition

  • Remo Partition Recover is a safe and all in one utility that is full competent in order to recover HFS Plus partition back on your Mac System within few minutes.
  • Retrieves various file types such as photos, music, videos, documents, OneNote, ZIP folders, Excel etc. based on their unique signatures.
  • “Find” feature of the software enables you to look out particular files, from the retrieved HFS+ partition. The list will be on the basis of file name, date, file type and size.
  • Software is compatible with other file systems like HFS, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32.
  • The software supports other Mac operating systems such as Mac Sierra, EI Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain lion etc.

How to Recover HFS+ Partition

Step 1-Download and run the trial version of Remo Partition Recover on your Mac System.

Step 2-Click on Recover Volumes / Drives from the launch page.

Step 3- Choose Volume Recovery from the next page.

Step 4- Now select the Mac hard drive to recover HFS Plus Partition.

Step 5- The application will begin to scan the drive and display the recovered HFS+ Volume. If the desired partition is not found, you can check the option If desired volume is not listed, select this option to search volumes and click next.

Step 6- From the new page, click on advanced scan to retrieve your data from HFS Plus partition.

Step 7- After the scan it will display all the files from your HFS+ partition. Double click on the file to Preview the file.

Step 8- Once you are satisfied with the files that are recovered, get the licence key of the software and save all your recovered files.