What is HFS? HFS (Hierarchical File System) is a file system which is available in Mac devices, also referred as Mac OS Standard or HFS standard. It is disheartening when a HFS partition gets corrupted or damaged and you lose all data in it. But you need not worry at all. Remo Partition Recover Software will help you to recover data from your HFS partitions with ease.


Situations leading to HFS Partition Loss

Hard drive damage: There are various situations that leads to partition loss due to physical damage. One of the common scenario is bad sector that may increase if the hard drive is use excessively.

Virus Invasion: When a partition gets infected by virus or malwares, it will make the partition inaccessible to you.
Unauthorized Tools: To create partitions you may install a third party software which may not be trust worthy. This may lead to Volume damage.
Mishandling: When a user is trying to remove or delete unwanted partition, and he / she ends up deleting or formatting the wrong partition.

Abrupt Shutdown: If there is power fluctuation problem, make sure that you have a UPS to protect your system from abrupt shutdown. Power surge can make the partition corrupted.

Features of Remo Partition Recover - Mac

This software helps in retrieving your deleted / formatted/ corrupted HFS Partition. Using this software isn’t rocket science, it is easy and quick.

  • The in-built partition with search algorithm helps to perform deep scan. Once the scan is over, Remo Partition Recover Software- Mac will locate all the valid partitions or Volumes.
  • This tool helps in restoring different type of partitions such as HFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32, ExFat.
  • The software even helps recover data/ files even from partitions that have been crashed or corrupted. Even if it is an active partition that does not even boot, our software can still recover.
  • Files which are compressed can also be retrieved from formatted partitions.
  • Data recovery from partitions can be done even when there are bad sectors in a hard drive. The software, bypasses the bad sector and creates a disk images.
  • The software installs in a free demo version; the accuracy of the recovered partition can be checked with the help of preview option.
  • Remo Recover Software, is safe and secure. It is free from virus and malware.

Steps to Recover HFS Partition

Here we are going to discuss about the various steps to recover partition from Mac.

Step 1: Install the demo version of Remo Partition Recover – Mac software.

Step 2: Once the installation is done, the launching page will appear. Then you can choose Recover Volumes / Drives from the launching page.


Step 3: The next page, opt the Volumes Recovery option to recover the partition.


Step 4: The software will scan the whole disk for different partitions and lists all volumes.

Step 5: Choose the required partition from where you want to restore the data and click next.


Step 6: You can select the files depending upon their file type. If you are not sure about the file type, you can also skip the option.


Step 7: You will have found your data by end of the partition scan and also preview it with the help of preview option.


Step 8: Purchase the software and save all the recovered files to your PC or external devices.


Expert Tips

  • Our hard drives, need to be well protected from virus and malwares. To protect your hard drives or system, use authorized anti-virus.
  • Make sure the third party software, is safe and secure.
  • Check twice before deleting or formatting a partition.
  • Never overwrite on the hard drive, if you have deleted a file from it. Once overwritten it is impossible, to recover the lost file.
  • To avoid abrupt shutdown the you can use a UPS.