Hard disks are meant for storing data, hence we create partition to categorize them. Even after being extremely careful while handling partitions, it is still prone to data loss. But you need not worry when you come across such issues, when there is a solution for it. Remo Partition Recover software will help you restore your hard drive partitions quickly and easily by following few steps.
Here we would like you to understand the various aspects of hard drive partition loss along with helping you to recover HDD partition!

Situations that leads to HDD partition recovery

Have you ever faced situations which lead to hard drive partition recovery? Let’s take a look into the scenarios

  • HDD physical damages – If your hard disk have any physical damages, it will result in inaccessibility of the partition.
  • Re-Size Issue – If you follow incorrect method to resize the partition or by using any unreliable third party applications, it will make your partition inaccessible and data might be lost.
  • Interruptions while partitioning – If you faced any interruptions like power surge while partitioning or re-partitioning the hard drive, it will lead to corruption and data loss.
  • Accidental Deletion – Mistakes are common for everyone, there are chances for deleting partitions accidently which results the wash out of whole files in the partition.

These are some of the situations which leads to corruption or deletion of partitions.

Hard Drive Partition Recovery tool

Remo Partition Recover is a recovery wizard which can help you to restore your partition easily. It has several features that are mentioned below.

  • It can scan the entire hard drive with short time to recover the deleted or formatted HDD partitions.
  • Remo Recover Software can sort your recovered files on the basis of name, file type, size, and date.
  • It is not only for recovering partitions from HDD, it can recover files from external devices like SD card, MMC, Memory sticks, USB external drives, FireWire drives etc.
  • Remo Partition Recovery will help you to restore data from your HDD, when the drive is crashed or unable to boot.
  • It can recover the files which was removed automatically from the recycle bin due to the exceeding of recycle bin size or the files which are deleted using Shift + Delete shortcut key or by using the windows command prompt.
  • Most of the people may think that if we re-install the operating system, we can’t recover the files from the drive. Using Remo Partition Recover software can help you to retrieve the partition in these situations.
  • It will help you to restore the data from partitions which were deleted or formatted, corrupted partitions from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array, missed due to any partitioning errors, etc.
  • It has the capability to identify all file types like photos, videos, audios, office documents, archives, etc. based on their unique signature and helps you to recover them.
  • It has a signature search option which will help you to recover files easily based on their file type.
  • It can recover data from your NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, FAT 16, FAT32 partitions.
  • The “Save Recovery Session” feature will help you to store the scanned information and helps you to pause and resume the scanning process according to your convenience.
  • The Preview feature will help you to confirm the files before restoring it.

Hard drive Recovery using Remo Recover Tool

Step 1: After installing Remo Partition Recover Tool, open the application and select Recover Drives Option.
Step 2: Click on Partition Recovery and you can see your storage devices. Choose your hard drive from which you need to recover partitions and select next.
Step 3: The software will starts scanning and then it will show all the partitions on the hard disk. Select your required partitions and click on next button.
Step 4: Then it will show an option to recover files based on the file type, if you don’t know the file type you can skip this option.
Step 5: After scanning the partition, it will show the whole data available in the partition and you can select the files and go to next.
Step 6: It will show an option Save Recovery Session, after selecting the files that you want to save, you will be directed to a page where you can select the locations where you want to store the recovered files.
Step 7: After selecting the location, you can press next button to restore the files.

Expert advice

Prevention is better than cure, we all are familiar with this proverb, but at times we forget to apply it in our day to day life. If we take precautions, it may help us to avoid data lose situations. Some of the expert advices are listed below,

  • Double Check – Please confirm the partition is the exact one which you want to delete or format.
  • Anti-Virus – Using a good antivirus will help you to avoid data loss scenario which is created by virus or malware threats.
  • Avoid Termination – Don’t terminate any application when it’s running.
  • Back Up – Take regular backup of your important files and store it on multiple storage devices, which helps you to restore the files easily.
  • Power Backup – Try to use a power back up for your desktop like UPS and never allow your laptop battery to dry which helps you to avoid the power surge situations.

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