FAT (File Allocation Table) is a default file system for external storage devices and are loved by many users as it gives a faster access to the files. A small mistake while operating a computer may lead to data loss from your FAT partition. But now recovering a FAT partition is very easy using your fingertips. Remo Partition Recover software will help you to retrieve your FAT16 and FAT32 partitions by scanning your hard drive.


The software’s features are listed below:

  • It can scan the entire disk to restore the partitions quickly and easily.
  • It supports recovering data from the FAT16, FAT 32 and ExFAT partitions.
  • It has the ability to identify all types of files including documents, audios, videos, images, etc. on the basis of their unique signature.
  • It will help to recover partitions from the crashed drive.
  • It supports to recover FAT partitions from pen drives, external hard drives
  • It can recover files from the partition which are either deleted, corrupted or formatted.
  • Remo Partition Recover can sort your recovered files based on the name, size, file type, date, etc.
  • It can also support NTFS and NTFS5 partitions.
  • You can use the Save Recovery Session feature; it will help you to store the information to avoid rescanning of drive in future.
  • Using the preview feature, you can verify the files before restoring.
  • You can recover the files from the hard drive which does not boot.

Causes Of FAT Partition Corruption

  • Virus Attack – When your drive is affected by virus or malware, it may corrupt your FAT partition and lead to data loss.
  • Accidental formatting – When you are formatting a FAT partition accidentally, instead of formatting another partition.
  • Unsecure third party applications – Unsecure third party application may make your FAT partition corrupted.

These are some of the reasons that make your partition corrupted. Using Remo Partition Recover application, you can restore your FAT partition easily.

How to recover FAT Partition?

Follow the steps for FAT partition recovery

Step 1: Install and open the Remo Partition Recover utility

Step 2: Click on Recover Drives option.

Step 3: Select Partition Recovery option.

Step 4: Remo Partition Recover will show your drives, choose the drive from where you need to recover your FAT partition and click on Next option.

Step 5: It will start scanning your drive for listing out partitions.

Step 6: Select the FAT partition that you want to recover and click on next arrow key

Step 7: Once the scanning is completed, you will get choice to recover files based on file type. If you want to restore only based on file types, select the file extension and proceed by clicking on next button, otherwise click on skip button.

Step 8: Now the Remo Partition Recover will starts recovering the files.

Step 9: You will get a preview option to verify files before restoring them.

Step 10: Verify and select the location to save the restored FAT partition. Please save the recovered files in a different partition otherwise the software may give you a warning message.


Expert Advice

  • Anti-Virus Protection - To avoid the virus attack, you need to use a quality antivirus tool and update it regularly.
  • Backup of Files - Create backup of important files and make it a regular exercise.
  • Try to use multiple locations for creating your backup, it will help you to restore the files when you lose one storage.
  • Avoid unsecure third party tools - Try to avoid unsecured third party applications which leads to corruption and data loss. These applications can even track your personal data.
  • Confirm before formatting or deleting - Please confirm the drive before selecting the format option to avoid accidental deletion scenario.