It's a common thing that a user search, regarding how to re-install the OS from Asus Recovery Partition, this is the right page to know and understand the process. Firstly, lets understand how the drives are divided in the Asus system. Asus units usually comes with hard drive which is divided into two partitions or at the most three partitions by default. Most of the time the C drives consists of the operating system. But you might think why is it necessary to have Recovery Partition in your Asus system? The recovery partition in the system, has the OS as backup. You need not buy another OS even if your Windows gets corrupted and reinstalled. Below given are the scenarios that lead to re-installation of the Windows from Asus Recovery Partition:

  • Virus infection can affect the working of OS.
  • Partition table corruption or format error will lead to improper function of the system.
  • Corruption of registry may lead to crashing of OS.
  • The system will stop working when Blue screen of death occurs. Following are few codes that show BSOD:

    STOP Error 0xc0000034

    STOP Error 0x00000001

    STOP Error 0x00000005

    STOP Error 0x00000024

Things to know before Asus factory restore setting

The first and foremost thing a user needs to understand before performing a factory reset is that this process can wipe out the entire data from the C drive permanently. In order to avoid a big disaster like data loss the Asus user can create a backup of all the necessary files in a DVD or external hard drive.

Asus Recovery Partition using F9

It's easy to reset your PC to factory settings just by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 - Restart the laptop.

Step 2 - Start tapping the keyboard key F9 continuously even before the Windows logo appears.

Step 3 - From Windows Boot Manager, choose Windows Setup (EMS Enabled).

Step 4 - Another Menu will be shown on the screen. From that choose troubleshoot.

Step 5 - Select Reset your PC.

Step 6 - The manual application will take you to the next page, from which you will have to choose Fully Clean the Drive.

Step 7 - The system will ask for confirmation and click on the option Reset once again.

Step 8 - The Resetting Process will begin.

This is the best method to reinstall your Windows without any cost. The user just needs to follow the above given 7 steps.