It's a boon to have a recovery partition in your system. Luckily Acer manufacture their units with in-built recovery partition in hard drive. Acer recovery partition is a partition in your acer hard drive which can be used to reinstall your Windows with ease.

When your Windows get corrupted, technicians do advice to perform complete OS reinstallation for complicated scenarios. In these circumstances you need to purchase a new Windows OS from Microsoft, instead just use Acer recovery partition. This enables you to reinstall the OS just by few clicks.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is, back up all your files from your PC. Performing Windows reinstallation in your PC will delete all the files permanently.

There are 2 methods for performing factory reset using Acer recovery partition.

  1. From Windows
  2. From BIOS

Restoring to factory settings from BIOS

If your system is not booting into Windows, you can use this method to reinstall Windows.

Step 1: Connect only the power adapter and disconnect all external devices from your PC.

Step 2: Power on the PC, and press F2 key.

Step 3: From the Setup Utility, select the option Main. Under this option, make sure that D2D Recover is enabled. If not, then please make it enabled.

Step 4: Press F10 key to save changes and exit.

Step 5: Now press Alt key and F9 key simultaneously before it boots into Windows.

Step 6: You get to see a window called Acer eRecovery Management. Select Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults. (In the 2nd option Restore operating system and retain user data, all the files will be transferred to Backup folder. But if there is any file with virus or malware which might have created problem to your PC, then those files will not be removed and the problem will not be rectified)

Step 7: From the new page, read the instructions and click on Next button.

Step 8: Now it will show the details of the C drive partition. Verify and click Next.

Step 9: It will show a warning message stating that the data from partition table will be erased. Please click on Next as you have already taken back up.

Step 10: Once done, PC will start restoring to factory settings and automatically restarts.

Acer factory reset from Windows

Step 1: Power on the unit and let it boot into Windows.

Step 2: Open Charms bar (when you bring the cursor to the right hand side of screen, 5 options pops up) and select Search option.

Step 3: Type Recovery on the search bar and select Acer Recovery Management.

Step 4: Select Restore Factory Settings. A warning message pops up stating that all the files will be removed permanently. Please click Next if you have taken a backup.

Step 5: Now it will ask you whether to delete files from all the partitions or just the drive with OS installed. If you have taken back up of all the files, select All Drives.

Step 6: From the next page, you get another 2 options. Select option Clean the drive fully, so that those files cannot be recovered easily.

Step 7: Click on Reset button and the PC will automatically reset to factory settings and restarts.

Expert Advice:

  • Never delete the Recovery partition from Acer PCs to make free space in your hard drive.
  • Back up all your important files in cloud storage.
  • Try to fix driver related issue just by driver updates, rather than performing OS reinstallation.